Meet Intelligent Entrepreneurs at Narrative PR Summit’s 3rd Round!

With the aim of reaching a better future in Egypt, the public relations (PR) agency CC Plus created the Narrative PR Summit, the first locally-managed PR summit that gathers prominent stakeholders and significant entrepreneurs, who aim to reach a sustainable economic growth. This year, the summit is running for its third round. We couldn’t help but investigate to know all about it.

“I hope that more women empower each other to promote the notion of empowerment”

Starting with Lamia Kamel, Founder of Narrative PR Summit, she talked to us about the challenge of convincing her stakeholders and clients that she is legit enough to start a business. “I was completely on my own; basically had nothing except myself, my laptop and my dream,” she says. Speaking of dreams come true, we asked her about this year’s third round. “We, as CC Plus, have exploited every single recipe to engage such a prominent lineup, partnering with UN bodies”. Lamia hopes that in the future the summit will be positioned as a brand for Egypt. Lastly, she adds a sincere inspirational wish for all women, “I hope that more women empower each other to promote the notion of empowerment,” she says.

“Entrepreneurship needs experience, passion, vision, and hard work”

Taking notes from three of the most prominent in the summit panel, we started with the humblest outgoing entrepreneur Ayman Baky. Founder of Baky Hospitality, he tells us the secrets to become a successful entrepreneur, “Entrepreneurship needs experience, passion, vision, and hard work.” Knowing what the market wants is what makes an entrepreneur successful or not.” Moreover, he adds that he’s excited about this year’s round, and plans to talk about the hospitality industry, and its effect on nation-branding.


“Have a clear vision for what you would like to achieve”

On the other hand, Dina El Mofty, CEO of INJAZ Egypt, expresses her enthusiasm for the panel, listening to experts who support Egypt’s economic growth, “If we can invest in creating an entrepreneurial culture, we could serve as a hub for innovation in the region,” she says. Moreover, Dina had great advice for all aspiring girls, “Have a clear vision for what you would like to achieve. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t shy away from speaking your mind. You are more powerful than you think,” she says.

“I know that women can excel in every market if they’re merely measured on intelligence and creativity.”

Lastly, we had a talk with a female who took the notion of empowerment to a new level. We interviewed Dina Saoudi, founder of Empowering through Cooking-EWC, to know how she started it to empower men, women, and youth in more than ten countries now. Expressing her happiness to share how it all started in Jordan in the summit, “We impact our individuals and stakeholders economically and socially. Any woman who works with us in any of our Empowering Through projects will have the freedom to be who she is,” she says.


Telling us the most inspirational stories, she mentioned Firyal Kan’an the mother of seven children, who sustained her family by working in embroidery, beading, and cooking for others. She also shared with us the story of Lana Batayneh, an ALS patient and the mother of three young men.


In the end, Dina gave us a few inspirational words for all women out there, “I know that women can excel in every market if they’re merely measured on intelligence and creativity.” She continues, “I’m excited to showcase a validation of a model that allowed us to see women of different socioeconomic backgrounds excel economically and socially when we worked together to empower them.”


The summit was first launched in 2016, leaving a great impact on all. Under the aim of “From Egypt to Egypt”, The PR agency CC Plus continued to launch the second and third rounds to fulfill Egyptian needs, and raise the economic bar.

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