Meet Dina Fekry, The Woman behind the Designs on the Concrete Blocks of the Golden Parade

Dina Fekry

The Golden Parade that took place on Friday was impressive in a multitude of ways. One thing that certainly caught everyone’s eyes was the authenticity and regal-ness of the decorations, designs, and art that was showcased on that day. As you might have noticed, the streets where the parade took place looked as they never had before. The lights weren’t the only thing that gave them their beauty though, the concrete blocks on the streets had beautiful pharaonic art on them. The woman behind this art is Dina Fekry.

Dina Fekry, with templates of her Golden Parade designs
Dina Fekry, with templates of her Golden Parade designs

Dina Fekry is an Associate Professor of Interior Design & Furniture at the Faculty of Applied Arts of Helwan University. Also, she’s the Deputy Head of the Promotion and Engagement division at the International Relations Office and a member of the Environmental Development Affairs and Community Service Committee at the university.

In addition to that, Dina is a mother of two kids whom she charmingly calls “the gift of her life”. Her children, she said, are the reason she has a fierce determination to make the future a better place. We sat down with her to know all about it.

When did you first discover your passion for art?

Long ago! Art runs in my family.  My mother (may Allah have mercy on her) was a general manager at the Ancient Egyptian Art Revival Center of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. My father and my sister are Professors at the Faculty of Applied Arts and my brother is an Architect.

“I often feel like my love for art was passed down to me genetically, but, of course, I got to where I am by learning and developing myself.”

How did your design come to be displayed at the Golden Parade?

It all started with an assignment from the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar and the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Dr. Khaled Al-Anani. They asked the President of Helwan University, Dr. Maged Negm to present them with a design. So, Dr. Negm held a competition between the Faculties of Applied Arts, Fine Arts, and Arts Education, where many students and professors alike presented their creative ideas.

Dina Fekry and her students working on executing the designs
Dina Fekry and her students working on executing the designs

“I was lucky to have my proposed idea chosen as the winning design to be showcased on the concrete blocks on the route of the Golden Parade.”

What was your source of inspiration? And how much time did it take to execute the design?

I’ve always been fascinated by ancient Egyptian civilization. So, coming up with a design dedicated to honoring it wasn’t difficult!

Dina Fekry's artwork on the concrete blocks of the golden parade
Dina Fekry’s artwork on the concrete blocks in Simone Bolivar Street, Downtown Cairo

The architecture, monuments, sculptures, paintings, and hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt were a great source of inspiration.

“It took almost three weeks and five days for the conceptualization of the design and two weeks for the execution on the concrete blocks.”

Dina Fekry with students
Dina Fekry with students of Helwan University

The students and I worked on the execution of the designs on the blocks together.

How did this success make you feel? And to what do you owe your success?

Dina Fekry and students with Ministry officials
Dina Fekry and students of Helwan University with Ministry officials

“This success made me feel more committed to my work and community than ever! I feel more motivated to achieve even more success in my professional and personal life. I owe all of it to my marvelous roots, my beloved parents.”

To see Dina Fekry’s beautiful artwork, head to Simone Bolivar street in downtown Cairo to get a look at the concrete blocks. Click here to read all about more women who rocked the Golden Parade and here to watch them shine.

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