Median’s Wisdom-Zone in Cyber Space

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Nowadays, there is this wave of Facebook wisdom in the online sharing era, were you find every morning people with status updates like:


Mohamed “SATAN” El 3iryan is “It hits you when you least expect it” (get a job at stating the obvious and give us a break please!)


Layla “louly” El Batreek is “Life is like a Cucumber…” (Ouch!)


Lotfy Mohamed Metallica is “Nothing feels like home, and truth hurts” (Do you know what else hurts? Censored)


Some use famous quotes especially the ones they don’t get, or Grey’s Anatomy episode closings (Seriously: ignorance is Bliss)


P.S: If you read Paulo Coelho’s  “11 minutes”, good for you, but that doesn’t mean anything and you’re not by any means enlightened. So give us a BREAK for God’s SAKE!


Check these songs:


(1) Hinder – All American Nightmare

(2) Shinedown – Diamond Eyes

(3) Jamie Cullum – Don’t stop the music lyrics

(4) Hey Monday – I Don’t Wanna Dance


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