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Feminism ma a**!



Since the era of feminism arose, there has been a lot of misconceptions out there. You get to hear words like “I’m independent” “I don’t need a man” “we’re equal” etc.. mostly out of rage maybe because they’re butt ugly, or always been single at the prom….


So you’re “independent”, good for you!! But if you’re not willing to give space for the guy to provide and protect, then don’t expect much.

“We’re equal” the inferiority issue again…Quit the Drama please!! “we need you as much as you need us.

And just for the record women, Derek Shepard is Gay (Grey’s Anatomy heartthrob).

Now sit back relax and enjoy these random songs which have nothing to do with what I said earlier:

Nadia Ali – Crash and Burn

Angus & Julia Stone – I’m not yours

Neon Trees – In the next room

Goo Goo Dolls – Home


Bad Apple Band,

Lead Guitarist

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