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This month I thought I’d answer a very important question that surprisingly never crossed my mind, the name of the magazine “WHAT WOMEN WANT”. So I asked some friends first and these were their answers:


A so-called playboy answered: “Multiple orgasms”, and gave me a grin! I really pity these guys, especially the ones with the pink swim suits.


A computer geek answered: “To be loved and appreciated by a loyal man”. I pity these guys too, seriously lose the mangina dude.


An addict answered: “Do u have a joint?” and completely neglected the question.


Well I think the answer is pretty simple what women want is to feel like one. A subjective matter, for example, a sensitive woman that missed a father figure and brothers, would be more drawn towards an over protective dude, brave, manly features, responsible, passionate in bed. While a self-confident woman, would be drawn to more of a challenging yet understanding type of guy, not too protective because she is confident she can take of herself and not always open for the help of others, and she’ll be more demanding in bed. Again it’s a subjective matter with many factors involved, no one can generalize.


Now check these:


Evanescence – What You Want

P!nk – Raise Your Glass


3 doors down – When you’re




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