Median’s Music & More: The crap history will never skip

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It’s actually sad how generalizations, overstatements, accusations, not to mention creating a fuss out of anything is taking over the scene ever since the revolution erupted.  I feel that history can’t skip this crap. For example how could history skip “The guy behind Omar Soliman” or “The Fangary Speech’ aka The Fangary’s Finger and of course or “Amr Moustafa’s interview”. Last but not least is the famous Twitter Hash Tag #MozetElWafd who is the most famous female candidate at the parliamentary elections. The woman’s looks has been a debated topic all over social media and that’s mainly because of the frustrated dumb heads out there who just think that she’s hot. It’s funny how a country’s sexual frustration plays a great role in its political future.  I guess this country needs a psychiatrist not a president.


Check out these music recommendations:


Regina Spekor: Blue Lips.

Evanescense: Made of Stone.

David Garrett: November Rain.

Staind: Something to

remind you.

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