Median’s Music & More: A Brotherhood Zone

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Since the Muslim Brotherhood showed everyone that they’re not just a scare crow used by Mubarak’s government for political purposes like most commercial shallow politicians claimed, the least I could do is dedicate them my monthly column. So here is the question: What would you like the MB to do?


Ban the cheap ‘slutty nurse custom’ from Halloween (enough sexual frustration!)


Ban the Sanitary pads commercials because they’ll just keep buying them either way.


Ban Pink swimsuits for guys.


Control the amount of hours people spend on freaking Facebook.


Rape Tamer Hosny.


Teach people how to consume alcohol.


Stop translating Durex Ads in Arabic.


Think of a more proper ventilation system for Cairo Jazz Club.


Impose strict guidelines for plastic surgeries (it’s getting very deceiving nowadays, seriously you could end up with a shemale)


Now, check out these tracks:


1-Gotye – Someone that I used to know

2-Maria Mena – Habits

3-Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

4-Metallica – To hell and back

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