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When you’re sitting on your desk fantasizing about a cup of coffee on a Ramadan morning, make sure to log on to Youtube and listen to some of these tracks recommended by, Medhat El Shakankiry, a.k.a Median, Bad Apple’s band Lead Guitarist who is streaming with some Chillout tracks that will sooth your day.



 La Roux: In for the kill (Skream Remix)

 La Roux steps up to claim her thrown as the new pop princess with the release of “In for the Kill”. Her dynamic combination of Sensational beats are really entertaining.

 Blank & Jones: Heart of Wax feat. Vanessa Daou (Heart of Crystal Mix)

 “Beauty never beats in a hard wax, it comes down to that” A full pack of Chillout beats and lyrics that will make your day.

 Stepping Stone: Duffy

 Stepping Stone is the fourth single by Duffy from her debut album Rockferry. For those who enjoy a bubble bath after a hectic day of a work presentation or cooking Iftar, record on and lights out!

 Yoav: Beautiful Lie

 Yeah the name might be quit a cliché, but seriously Yoav is a genius! Also try to listen to this track’s several mixes on Youtube.

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