Mazahers Cakery – A Sweet Treat

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Mazahers cakery specializes in making the most creative, artistic and tasty desserts in town by using high end ingredients.  Mazaher’s Cakery caters your sweet tooth by providing a wide range of juicy carrot cake, chocolate cake, cupcakes, mini cakes, cheese cake, apple pie and so much more. The best part is you get to customize your cake by choosing size, color and flavors. Mazaher Hammad is the mastermind behind Mazaher’s Cakery alongside with some relatives. She started out in her mom's kitchen by baking a tasty carrot cake. Friends and family complimented the taste of the cakes and encouraged her to pursue the baking business.

Tells us what got you inspired?

My parents were my biggest inspiration for my decision to open Mazaher's Cakery which I'm thankful for.

How do you get creative?

I get creative by looking around at different cooking shows, books and Internet sources which show various recipes and designs. It's always a good thing to be open to new ways of baking one type of cake.

What occasions are you specialized in?

Mostly birthdays and social occasions since our signature cakes are carrot cake and cupcakes.

With many baking businesses in the scene, how do you remain different?

It is not easy but the competition makes us strive to be the best. We remain on top because of our customers who play a big role in advising us with their taste buds and preferences.

Visit Mazahers Cakery in Maadi of on facebook for more details.

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