Make-up Artist Dina Rashed Reveals Some Vaseline Beauty Hacks

The perfect skin is a dream that all women pursue. That’s why Vaseline skincare offers a wide range of products that will provide you with healthy skin throughout the year.

We explored Vaseline skincare products with the beautiful make-up artist Dina Rashed, revealing some of her expert Vaseline beauty hacks to rock your skin with a few quick tips.

Firstly, Vaseline Aloe Nourishing Lotion works as a total moisturizer that helps keep your skin hydrated with no summer sunburns. Secondly, Vaseline Jelly Baby is the perfect product for all new mommies out there. It will always maintain your baby’s skin, and keep it smooth, especially during the summer as it reduces all the uncomfortable inflammations.

Vaseline Beauty Hacks by Dina Rashed

Eyelashes: Brush your lashes with Vaseline using an old, used mascara brush and your lashes will get a natural, shiny look.

Lips: Spread some Jelly Cocoa Vaseline on your lips using an old toothbrush; keep moving in circular motions to get smoother lips. Maintain this lip routine every day before you go to bed for better results.

Cheeks: For a shinier, natural creamy highlighter, mix some Jelly Vaseline with any highlighter powder to get the extra sparkles.

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