Love and Health, is there really a link?

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When we are in love, the whole world seems to revolve around that one significant other in our lives. When we’re happy, the whole world is beautiful, everything seems so perfect and every one seems so cheeky. Yet when we’re going through a rough patch, life seems going down the drain and every little thing is exaggerated.


Women are considered sensitive, that’s a given. So when in love, every emotion is blown up to triple its size. After a simple argument, you’ll have a headache or you’ll feel sleepy and maybe even feel nauseous. But also, when you’re happy in love, you could tend to feel light, euphoric and just content. So maybe there’s a link between love and health? Does love affect how our bodies function?


Researchers at University College London have discovered that being in love can affect key circuitry in the brain. "They found that the neural circuits that are normally associated with critical social assessment of other people are suppressed when people are in love."


Also, Italian researchers conducted tests on 12 men and 12 women who had fallen in love during the six months prior to the test; they found out that "men had lower levels of testosterone than normal, while the women had higher levels of the hormone than usual."


This means that on some level, men start to act more like women, and we’ve all dated guys who went through mood swings just like those we get before our periods!! And women start to act more like men.


To get a glimpse on whether women agree to the existence of this link or not, I asked a few girls in their early 20s and I was surprised they all agreed.


Moni El Ramlawy said "When you’re in love, and you fight with your boyfriend, this could lead to excessive eating" referring to how some people are emotional eaters and this eventually does more damage to someone’s health. "Some people could take out their stress from a lover’s fight by staying up all night, and that’s not healthy" she thought!!


Some one like Nesma Ihab, believes love is a two way street. "If you feel loved and appreciated you will feel that you want to hold on to your life, doing whatever you can to enjoy it, if not, one might start neglecting himself and his health."


Love could also lead to serious health problems according to what Heba Farid thinks; she believes that a rocky relation where both partners are under constant stress might eventually result in them suffering of heart or blood pressure problems.


Love or the old cat and mouse chase, is inevitable. There’s no way we’ll ever dodge that bullet, in fact, no matter both sexes never stop complaining about each other, we still want love and crave it. And when you’re in a relationship, no matter what risks of never ending health traumas you might be running, you end up doing your best to work things out.

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