Londoner Seeks Revenge by Spray Painting her Ex’s Car

In an epic feat of female wrath, a British woman took out her frustration on her ex boyfriend’s Range Rover. The otherwise spotless car was spray painted in big capital red letters “cheater” and “I hope she was worth it”.

The anger and frustration this may have caused the ex boyfriend must not have been the only damage, as a huge part of such public revenge is shaming the cheater. The Internet has provided us with many such stories before, such as the woman who confronted her cheating husband on a billboard.


The pictures, which were originally uploaded on Twitter by @Alice_bradley2, stirred up different reactions. While some said the man deserved it, others said that a better revenge would have been to walk away from this relationship and be happy. And others went as far as to point out that the ex boyfriend can sue her for vandalism now, which would add insult to injury.

What do you think of this incident? And if your partner cheated on you, would you resort to such extreme measures for revenge?

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