Like a Virgin: Democracy for the first time

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Being democracy virgins we are bound to build opinions from scratch, digging for information, analyzing or chasing for answers. The active ones are attending one party session after the other while the rest relies on what the first have to say.


Many new parties have been formed ranging from Islamic to liberal to socialist, you name it. We came across a dedicated website listing all parties along with a short brief on its history of formation, goals and principles. This website has been initiated by a young web developer named Mohamed Taymour as his participation in creating political awareness.

Most talked about parties:




El Masreyeen El Ahrar Party (Free Egyptians Party)


Founded by businessman Naguib Sawiris, the Free Egyptians Party believes in general liberal principles and its main goal is to preserve the 25 January Revolution. In addition, it will aim to uphold a civilian rule in Egypt, gender equality, judicial freedom and shed light on the important role of women in society.

Call center: 16251


Egyptian Democratic Social Party (El Hezb El Egtemaay El Democraty)


Joined by prominent political figures like Dr. Mohamed Abou El Ghar, Mona Makram Ebeid and filmmaker Dawood Abdel Sayed. The principles of the party include maintaining economic development, social justice, preservation of natural heritage and of course human rights and


El Ghad Party


El Ghad was founded by Ayman Nour in 2004. The party’s agenda works on finding solutions and taking initiatives towards Egypt’s major demographic, economic, cultural and social problems. The party is taking a great initiative to boost Egypt’s economy by generating 30 Billion LE every year as a result of activating 34 potential resources.


The National Progressive Unionist Party (Hezb El Tagammu El Watany El Taqadomy El Wahdawy)


The party is one of the most prominent left-wing parties in Egypt. The party was founded with the re-establishment of political parties in Egypt in 1976. It was founded to maintain a strong and a capable state to protect citizens from economic exploitation. Democracy is the guarantee of stability and peace in the devolution of power. Solidarity among Arab nations is a goal the party is working to achieve. Creating an Egyptian nation that is free of all forms of dependency on Western imperialism. It publishes Al Ahaly newspaper.


The Development and Change Party:


Established March, 20, 2011, the party is working on rebuilding and developing the country as well as the Egyptian identity, protecting human dignity and finding solutions to problems of the Egyptian society. 


El Adl Party


Founded  by Dr. Mustafa El Naggar, Dr. Ahmed Shokry and Dr. Abdel Moniem Emam, this party aims at maintaining and achieving the gains of the revolution, building up the Egyptian citizen, strengthening the political and social participation and the consolidation of citizenship of the Egyptians at home and abroad, achieving food security.


El Gabha Party (The Democratic Front)


Founded by Dr. Ossama El Ghazaly Harb, this party aims at achieving intellectual and emotional freedom of expression. Which is through the provision of certain freedoms, in the forefront: the right to express an opinion, freedom of the press, media freedom, freedom of worship, freedom of association for trade unions and associations. The principle of justice will be achieved after these freedoms are achieved. The party aims at reconsidering the policy of “privatization” and its economic and administrative necessities to ensure maximum transparency in the practices, preparation of national programs and extensive training of young people (and compensation for deficiencies in the academic qualifications) for upgrading their level of qualifications to work more, either in Egypt or abroad, with the possibility that this is done in coordination with Arab and foreign fronts that can import Egyptian labor.


Masr El Horreya Party (Egypt Freedom)


Founded by Dr. Amr Hamzawy, this party aims at achieving political action and not to fight a particular trend. The party supports equal opportunities for all as well as social justice and economic freedom while protecting private property. Masr El Horreya is based on decentralization, and each province formulates the main program of the party through workshops for representatives of the party around several governorates.


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