Life is Beautiful: 6 Reasons why Pepsi’s Ramadan Campaign is Awesome!

Pepsi’s campaign is our absolute favorite this year. It combines a lovely homely feeling that we’re now used to from Pepsi, along with very empowering CSR campaigns, which Pepsi have been doing for the past years. Their #??????_???? campaign won our hearts and here’s why.

Reminded us to Come Together

pepsi gathering

The very concept of #??????_???? puts so much attention on gatherings, and how together, we can do more. This is the very foundation of any campaign aiming to better society and is very fitting to Ramadan.

An Environmental Trip

pepsi trip

The main idea of the campaign is the “trip of a bottle”. The heartwarming video shows the bottle as it’s going from the factory to a family’s Iftar table and then to be recycled. Making sure your product isn’t harming the earth makes all the difference in the world for us.

Lighting Up Entire Villages

pepsi light

Part of Pepsi’s many CSR campaigns is the “Liter of Light” campaign. This campaign uses and recycles plastic Pepsi bottles to light up less fortunate homes in Upper Egypt using solar energy, hitting two birds with one stone!

Finding Tumooh

pepsi tumouh

The Tumooh CSR Campaign done by Pepsi has gone on for 9 years, resulting in 350,000 different people benefiting from the campaign.


Igniting Football Passion

pepsi dawry

Pepsi knows the Egyptian community well. As Egyptians love football dearly, one of their many campaigns is “Dawry Madares”, a football competition that has gone on for 13 years, with a million students benefiting from it! Not only that, but as they help bring light to villages, they do the same to public places, giving youth the opportunity to play football in well-lit playgrounds.

A True Role Model

pepsi role model

Pepsi is a huge part of our community and its development, just as it is a huge part of every Ramadan family gathering. This makes Pepsi, with its passion for a better tomorrow, a true role model in the corporate world.


Watch the full video below.



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