Leftbank Bistro: Eat, read and love

Luckily, we were of the few people fortunate enough to try out a new bistro before anyone else! Located on the Nile, Left Bank Bistro, books & bakery has a sensational view. Going there to simply unwind and relax is a definite win. Run by chef Benoit from France, the country of love, lights and delicious food, you can indulge in a variety of items from a tasty and scrumptious menu! We tried pastries, pastas, pizzas, teas from all over the world and more and the desserts were quite literally the cherry on top! 

Along with others, we got to sit on their communal table, which they plan to keep to encourage social gatherings and discussions, and learned the story behind how Left Bank came into being. Books, provided by Diwan, surrounded us as we sat comfortably on Egyptian-designed furniture. The floor is beautiful, colorful mosaic but there’s more to it than that. The mosaics actually make up the map of Tahrir Square and its surroundings!

The bistro doesn’t just offer a beautiful view and a soothing, healthy and cozy atmosphere without shisha, it also offers classes and has several events coming up! They’re kicking off events by a complimentary entry to Mashroo’ Al Mareekh’s open mic on the 30th of January. Courses in February will include a Still Life Art course, Floral Design, and several cooking classes. Whether you want to unwind with a good book, try out an exotic type of tea or eat something yummy, Left Bank is unquestionably the place to go to!

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