Lady Warriors: All Eyes On Radwa

On a Saturday afternoon, the twenty-eight-year-old TV and radio presenter Radwa Hassan entered our suite at Kempinski Royal Maxim accompanied by her younger sister Raneem. We got to know Radwa a few years back when she interviewed our Managing Editor on her radio show and they became Facebook friends. It has always been fascinating to us how Radwa masters this fast paced digital life with such ease and defiance. “I am so glad I finally meet you,” she tells the team upon her arrival. With obvious charisma and charm, Radwa started posing for our camera like a pro.

Radwa lost her eyesight as a result of a medical error when she was a baby. “I don’t feel it’s actually a problem, firstly because I was very little when it happened, secondly because I am perfectly living my life doing anything I want. I downloaded NVDA -non visual desktop acces- program on my laptop and Apple’s Voice Over program on my phone. These programs allow blind people to listen to emails and messages”, she explains. One of the challenges of Special Needs people in Egypt is lack of privacy in general, “It is a major issue, for example there aren’t talking ATM machines so you must let someone run your financial related issues. The new Special Needs Law will solve these problems, but we are still waiting for official announcements hopefully in the next months”, she says.


Media is a field with a tangible impact on how a society evolves. Being part of this field, Radwa certainly made revolutionary changes in how this industry works with her unique abilities. “It all started with a spontaneous wish of mine in an episode of actor Khaled El Nabawy’s program Ebtdy. I felt that this is what I wanted to do –to become a radio presenter– and here I am now one of Radio 90.90’s team,” Radwa tells.

Four years later, this game changer shot to fame on DMC hosting El Safira Aziza alongside other TV stars. Egyptian media certainly needs more inclusion; a step in the right direction. “TV was so challenging for me. Being on air isn’t a walk in the park. If it wasn’t for the crew’s continuous support, I wouldn’t have gotten over my fears,” Radwa says. “In the beginning, I was very worried from the whole idea of being on TV. Some people have charisma on TV, but not on the radio and vice versa. I am very happy that I tried and succeeded in this. I truly believe that nothing can stop you from doing something you can actually do. People should evaluate and judge your work not anything else”, Radwa says.


The differently-abled community in Egypt has many amazing talents and success stories. Radwa believes that how you decide to deal with your disability is the core of living life to the fullest. “Dealing with your disability is your own choice; it can be a superpower to push you to phenomenal results. I am a normal woman, who believes in her abilities to pursue all of her dreams,” she elaborates


We were very curious to know what Radwa thinks women want. “Respect and confidence. Society must stop stigmatizing or labeling women, and must start seeing their abilities,” Radwa says.


Radwa is also an adventurer, “Skydiving was such a huge challenge that I wanted to beat. Last summer, I went skydiving from the top of the Giza Pyramids. It was a very unforgettable experience that I will most certainly add to my interests,” Radwa says.


With Radwa’s great success in El Safira Aziza, the charismatic TV Presenter always makes sure she’s the world’s voice to her audience, presenting all what’s new and real to them. Radwa also believes in children’s abilities; she thinks the media must give them more attention. “I wish that one day I can host my own show for kids, to give them an opportunity to document their talents and pursue their dreams,” Radwa says.


“Don’t let your difference stop you from pursuing your dreams. It should always drive you to experience new things, and discover your super abilities,” she wraps up.

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