La Totfe2 ElShams between the movie and the TV Series: Six major differences and three identical scenes!

Those who fell in love with the original work can be sensitive towards any changes, and they might even criticize Tamer Habib for all character-twists. But for us it is just captivating how a novel can live on like this and acquire a special flavor each time it is produced.

  • The differences:

1- Basima was a man

This hilarious character that we are all in love with was almost nonexistent in the movie. Instead, there was a male servant and he barely uttered two words all through the movie. Thank God for Basima though!

2- Ahmed was a much stronger character

Back in the movie, Shokry Sarhan was more of a “man of the house” kind of person. With his siblings, he was rather controlling and serious. Mohamed Mamdouh on the other hand is as sweet and kind as we all know him. Both Ahmeds had boring jobs but Shokry Sarhan ending up volunteering in the army unlike Mamdouh who became a writer.

3- Nabila (Engy) actually ended up with Mahmoud

The love story that had an early ending in this Ramadan’s version, lasted far longer in the movie. The movie version of Nabila and Mahmoud had the same financial and social struggles, but fate had a way of resolving all that as Mahmoud became Ahmed’s colleague in the army and saved his life, paving the way for Mahmoud to propose to Nabila. Which means that back in the day, they didn’t have the treat that is Ahmed Magdy to barge in and lure the princess away.

4- Mamdouh (Adam) wasn’t involved in an epic love story

Ahmed Ramzy and Ahmed Malek shared passion and determination. And whilst being an “Uber driver” is Author Tamer Habib’s way of modernizing the character, shockingly the idea originated back in the movie when Ramzy started a company with private drivers to drive rich people to places. Ramzy’s role was quite brief with no “Habiba” in his life, our favorite loverboy on the other hand is involved in a rather pure and sweet relationship with the hilarious “Biba” so thank you Habib for this contrasting couple.

5- Mamma Ekbal had no secret lover

It is one of Tamer Habib’s major twists in the story, as the old mamma enjoyed a rather quiet life with complete focus on raising her children after their father’s death. In contrast, the beautiful Mervat Amin’s life is anything but quiet with love letters hidden in secret boxes and a lot of sneaking out with the love of her life.

  • The Identical Scenes:

1- When Ahmed gets drunk for the first time

This scene is almost the same, as Ahmed goes to a party with Shahira, whom he loves, and in attempting to fit in he drinks for the first time and ends up losing control to the point that he places a chair over the table and sits on it, eventually ending up with an ice bucket on his head.

2- Laila shows her Music Professor that she carved his name on her engagement ring

Both scenes start the same but end differently. As it turns out the Great Faten Hamama was luckier than talented Jamila Awad. In the former’s case the ring move won her the love of her life back but in Jamila’s case she was almost kicked out of Fathy Abdelwahab’s office.

3- When Adam decides to partner up with his fellow mechanic

“Don’t you want to be my partner?” are the exact same words both Ahmed Malek and Ahmed Ramzy used. The only difference is Ramzy was only trying to partner up with a friend but Malek here was trying to afford a living with his future brother-in-law.


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