Koossy Says… The Fat Question?

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“Do I look fat?” Man, this is a question we men hear all the time and each one of us was asked this at least several times in any relationship we had no matter how skinny the girl was. Women need to be reassured. Honestly, I would never tell the truth about it unless the truth is something good. 


My best friend called me the other day telling me how cornered was last night. The wife asked him one of the “must lie” questions. She asked him what we secretly call the “Fat question”.  We have a long list of questions wives or girlfriends ask us and the answer must be brief and short.  If we learned anything at all it is to keep our lies simple and sweet. 

Here are some examples:  

Question: Do I look fat?  Answer:  No, never.  Question: Is she sexy? Answer:  Hell no. Question: Do you mind if mom spends the weekend with us in Sokhna? Answer:  Sure.  Question: Will you miss me when I travel to the North Coast? Answer:  Like crazy. 

I’m sure you got the point by now. Men do this for many different reasons but the majority does it because they care. They want to please their partners and sometimes they really mean what they say. Honestly, I see no harm is these little white lies and I’m sure women do the same. 

So back to my friend, he told me that his wife asked him the “Fat question” while they were out on a wedding. He told me that he was totally off guard when she asked him this question. He was watching the bride and the groom and remembering how they looked when they got married. She was so slim and cute. But after the second year of marriage and one kid she gained over 20 kilos. He wouldn’t know how it happened and why they would feel it’s ok to gain weight after marriage, my friend continued to wonder if this were a general trend? The moment they get married they get their license to gain weight? One year of marriage or after pregnancy they gain an extra ten or even twenty kilos, my friend was wondering. Then he went pondering on why they gain so much and let go?

I was like man where did all this come from? He’s been married for years and I never heard him complaining about the “extra kilos” I guess the wedding triggered this in him and I know he was not expecting any answers he was just blowing off some steam.

For many women marriage is the last stop. Once they are married the train doesn’t move anymore. So they start living in the comfort zone. Pregnancy is also a great excuse to let go and eat as much junk as she pleases under the excuse of feeding the baby. I know many women will get upset when they read my lines but it is the simple truth, at least from a man’s perspective.  

My friend told me that he didn’t know what to tell her. He still loves her but will love her more if she would return to her original figure. We all know it’s not easy being pregnant and it’s not easy to raise kids but at the same time there are many examples of women who did it and kept a nice figure. Being pregnant is not an excuse to eat as much as you like. You can eat for the baby’s sake but you should keep it healthy. Junk food and soda are not good for your baby anyway.  Fresh vegetables and fruits are. I know a dozen of examples for women who managed to get back on track. The trick is to watch what you eat. You don’t need to go to a doctor to loose weight, you don’t need to search for different diets or go to health farms to be slim. You just need to close your mouth and avoid junk food. It’s simple and easy.    

Some women will say I eat because I’m unhappy. My marriage is not going well and I feel miserable. I simply eat to cheer myself up. When a marriage or a relationship is not going great food is the safest refuge. A very common problem and these women prefer to take the easy path and eat. I have a suggestion here, why don’t you work out instead of stuffing yourself with food? Workout will keep you healthy and fit not to mention it will release all the negative energy.   

You must know that food is not the answer to your problems, I personally believe it adds up to it because over weight will destroy your self esteem and health and when you ask your husband the “Fat question” he will simply look at you and think: Honey, ask no sensitive questions hear no lies”, this is what Koossy would say.

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