Kiteloop Egypt: A Splash of Adventure and Thrill!

Laid back or adventurous; Kiteloop Egypt is where you want to be. The kite surfing school in Ras Sedr is simply what women want for a new lifestyle beyond the horizon. Amazing weather, beautiful scenery and very helpful hosts all describe our new weekend discovery. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to pack up and go pin down Egypt’s fresh cool spot.


After a 2 hour ride from Cairo, we finally reached Kiteloop Egypt and we were welcomed by one of the three owners, Karim Khashab, who turned his kite surfing hobby into a serious obsession. “We are three partners who’ve been kite surfing since 2009. We used to do it in Dubai then we started out kite surfing school in Marassi and that’s when we decided to settle here”, Karim tells. He also talked to us about how kite surfing made the best out of his life that was full of career stress, “I quit my full time job and decided to dedicate my life to kite surfing, and it became a marvelous obsession”, he adds.


The camp blends the adventurous aspects of the simple life with the comfort of luxurious living. As we checked into their beautiful bungalows, we were surprised by how they combined a comfortable setting with simplicity. All the huts include bathrooms, air conditions, LCDs and of course full time electricity, “while visiting various camps in Egypt, we started to notice what camps need like it would’ve been better to have a bathroom and so on. What we decided to do is combining a very simple structure in which you could walk out of your hut bare foot and jump into the water while enjoying the luxury of waking up at night to find a bathroom and hot water in your hut”, Karim says. Summer is the best season as the thermal wind activates the kite surfing process according to the speed of the wind.


Kite surfing is considered a terrific sport. It’s a workout for the whole body as you use your whole muscles. Kiteloop Egypt received a lot of female surfers in the past few months from different age brackets, “Egyptian women are now interested in water sports even wakeboarding”, Karim says. “In general, the age bracket of any surfer starts from 10 years and depends on the weight of the person but our policy is starting from the age of 12. We have 55 years old kite surfers it’s amazing”, Karim says.


What’s cool about Kiteloop Egypt:


You can travel with your kids as all the facilities are available.

You can go to chill and unwind on the beach with no intention of kite surfing.

It’s 2 minutes away from the Super Jet’s stop in Ras Sedr.

They have a delicious and healthy menu with reasonable prices.

You can bring your dogs along (note that dogs aren’t allowed at the main hut)


What to take into consideration:


You need to take 8 hours to complete your kite surfing course.

In winter, the place is cold at night so make sure you pack a couple of sweaters.

It’s very windy, so if you are a smoker, bring a gas lighter.

It’s an amazing place for bonfire gatherings so don’t forget your marshmallows and snacks.


For more info about Kiteloop Egypt contact them through: or call (+2) 011 300 3007, (+2) 012 338 8839, (+974) 5559 1539

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