Kin Suki: Fun, Colorful and Happy

Kin Suki

After an incredibly boring shopping trip filled with plates in shades of greige, Kin Suki was born. Most homeware veers towards safe and the predictable, but Malak Dorra and Salma Shehata, the co-founders of Kin Suki, defies this industry standard. This brand celebrates the beauty of colors and the joy of self-expression. Kin Suki is a story of friendship, inspiration, and a shared vision.

The Meaning of Kin Suki: 

The name itself, Kin Suki, carries a profound meaning rooted in Japanese artistry. Inspired by Kintsugi, meaning “golden joinery”. It is a traditional practice that involves melding unmatched, broken and asymmetrical items together. In the words of Dorra, “Our brand embraces the spirit of Kintsugi by celebrating the untraditional.” Kin is a traditional man with a love for simplicity and order.  Suki is a vibrant, fun-loving spirit. They both come together to build a home.

 The Birth of Kin Suki:

The journey began with a simple realization during a shopping trip, as Shehata found herself yearning for homeware that reflected her personality. “I was browsing through all these neutral, minimal plates and platters, and I just couldn’t get excited about any of it. It all felt so boring.” This moment of dissatisfaction sparked a conversation between her and Dorra and planted the seed of Kin Suki. Dorra questioned, “Why is color and bold design seen as less “chic” these days? Don’t people actually crave pieces that reflect their individual style and bring them joy?” So, they created Kin Suki as a response to this gap and give people a product that is fun, colorful and happy.

 The Branding Behind Kin Suki:

The true essence of the brand lies in giving people the feeling of finding the perfect piece for them. Kin Suki fully embraces the whimsiness of colors instead of sticking to generic designs.  Shehata reminisced, “Malak and I poured our hearts into bringing this vision to life, and we are so proud to offer customers an alternative to the sea of beige and grey. Because at the end of the day, your home should be a reflection of you – and that’s what our plates are all about”

Kin Suki’s identity is recognized by its vibrant branding. It is a reflection of the energy and personality infused into every product. “Our brand isn’t about the products themselves it’s about capturing that feeling we’ve all experienced of finding something truly unique and special,” explained Dorra. As they were creating the image to their brand, the duo found themselves circling back to the spark of excitement of finding a one-of-a-kind piece. This is clearly reflected in the brands image. Dorra Explained, “The vibrant, colorful aesthetic is a big part of that. It’s a visual representation of the energy and personality we’re aiming to create.” She added, “Our colorful branding reflects this ethos, with bold colors and statement-making designs that speak to the joy of embracing one’s true colors.”

The Uniqueness of Kin Suki:

What truly sets Kin Suki apart is its commitment to creating truly special experiences. Rather than focusing solely on products, the brand aims to evoke emotions and create connections with its customers. Dorra shared, “Whether it’s through our vibrant product range or our engaging marketing efforts, we strive to spread happiness and positivity in everything we do.” Every design decision is intentional, crafted to resonate deeply with those who seek something more than the ordinary. She revealed, “When we’re designing these plates, we think about crafting an entire experience that we want our customers to feel.”

 The Creative Industry Summit:

Kin Suki were invited to join the Creative Collective curated by Matter at the Creative Industry Summit in Riyadh. They created a special design to capture the essence of Saudi Arabia. They featured the extinct Arabian cheetah, which symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s powerful heritage. Shehata reminisced, “It was such an inspiring process, blending our brand’s aesthetic sensibilities with the cultural touchstones and visual motifs that Matter was tapping into. The end-result is this truly unique, limited-edition set that we’re immensely proud of it”.

 The Ups and Downs:

As they delved deeper into their vision, the duo found themselves grappling with the challenge of carving out a niche in a crowded market. “One of the biggest challenges we faced was also one of the things that excited us the most the fact that nothing quite like our concept already existed in the market,” revealed Kin Suki. It was a leap of faith driven by their unwavering belief in their brand. They wanted to bring their unique brand vision to life and develop products that would resonate with the public.  

Through the uncertainties and worries of starting a new business, the response from their audience has been incredible. Kin Suki reminisced, “One bride shared how our products made her housewarming lunch unforgettable, sparking conversations among her friends.” They recalled another memory, “Another customer creatively used our papaya set as a wall installation, instead of an art piece she could not find to fill her walls.

The Future of Kin Suki:

Their journey culminated in the birth of Kin Suki, a testament to their shared vision and unwavering dedication. “Ultimately, our vision for the future is to be a beacon of positivity, creativity, and human connection,” reflect Kin Suki. It’s a future where Kin Suki becomes synonymous with joy and inspiration, a testament to the transformative power of friendship and creativity.

In the end, Kin Suki is more than just a homeware brand it’s a celebration of uniqueness, a testament to the power of self-expression, and a reminder that beauty lies in embracing uniqueness.

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