Kids Zone March/April 2015

Expect the unexpected at Ikea

Expecting a baby soon?  It’s never too early to baby-proof your home, and Ikea makes the task so simple with products that do the job without spoiling the interior design. With the launch of the Ikea Family program in Egypt, you can even get some of the products at discounted prices!

Choosing the perfect pet for your child


Birds make for lovely pets. Some species are very interactive, social and intelligent, though more demanding and hence should be for somewhat older children who can manage to take on the daily care responsibility. Can be found at any pet store.

Ant Farm

A highly educational experience for children; they can easily observe daily ant rituals and manage the simple task of dripping water drops and tiny crumbs of food every three days or so.  Ant farms can be ordered from

Siamese fighting fish

This fish can survive under minimal supervision, can live comfortably in small fish bowls and has mesmerizing colors that will always be fascinating to your child. Can be found at pet stores.

Cooking with the little ones

Spend some quality time with your kids and get them to treat you to a home cooked meal! Children will love this simple and delicious project. Set up a toppings table using anything you could find on a pizza, line a baking sheet and arrange a few horizontally-halved mini baguettes for the little one to spread tomato sauce and add toppings onto. Once done, place them in a 375 degree oven for 8-10 minutes and voila!

Art Café

The perfect spot in the middle of green Maadi to take your child to for some quality time and creativity boosting. Coffee, art, and fun with your child on a Friday morning is the perfect remedy for a stressful work week. Located on 62, Road 13, Maadi.

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