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Claire’s gets Frozen!

Claire’s are now featuring accessories from Disney’s latest hit, Frozen. A collection of hair accessories, children’s makeup and even school supplies featuring the characters Elsa, Anna and Olaf; it’s bound to win your little one over! Visit Claire’s in City Stars Mall and Maadi City Center.

Footprint stepping stone

It’s getting warm outside and fun projects for kids are in order! One project we personally love is one that can document your child’s growth for years to come, and is a great gift for the grandparents: footprint stepping stone!

You will need:


Any mixing container

A mold in whichever shape you prefer

Rubber gloves

Oil lubricant like WD40

Plastic card or spatula to smooth out surfaces

Pebbles, mosaic tiles and paint for decoration.


Mix cement in the container and pour into a thoroughly lubricated mold. Now get crafty; cover your child’s foot in olive oil and make an impression in the cement, and allow your little one to insert the mosaic tiles and/or pebbles in for added decoration. Keep a water spray handy incase cement gets too dry, but work fast. Let the cement dry for 2-3 days.

Summer Pop at Mothercare!

Mothercare’s latest Summer Pop collection is all about beach, garden and fairground fun! Casual shapes and styles in an array of colors, florals and bold prints for both boys and girls. Get your children playtime-ready with this vibrant collection

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