Kids in 1996 Vs. 2016

We understand that things change and that our generation was the very last one that has seen both analog and digital technologies. That being said, we feel the need to teach future babies about the wonders of the 90s,because honestly, we’re starting to feel like kids these days are a little spoiled.

Kids 1

Finding your Favorite Cartoons

These days you can just open your browser to YouTube and go looking for that one cartoon you saw when you were only four years old. The best thing is, you’ll probably end up finding it regardless of how obscure it may be! Do you remember what we would have had to do back in the day to find a very well known cartoon that we don’t have the VHS tape to? We would have had to search all around town, in every video store out there. And if it’s not available, we would have had to wait until it’s on TV so we can record it on a blank tape.

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A Little Kid’s Pastime

In the 90s there were only a few things you could do to entertain yourself. And on a hot summer afternoon, you’d get the latest issue of Mickey and read it throughout the rest of the day. Nowadays you can find archives of that stuff on your tablet! With the click of a button you can have hundreds of pages of Mickey. It doesn’t feel all that special now that it’s so easy to get!

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As children, we climbed monkey bars, we went played in the street, we rode bicycles! Did you know that kids these days have their own gym classes? We’re not talking about going to a sports class that you’ll be competing at for the rest of your adolescence. Kids go to the gym now! And they have smartphones that they can use workout apps on. Isn’t this crazy?

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Kids’ Shows

Whereas we used to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Full House, Saved by the Bell and Lizzie Mcguire, kids’ shows these days are nearly nonexistent! Even the shows that are there aren’t that popular. It wouldn’t be surprising to find kids watching Orange is the New Black or Game of Thrones these days.

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Make Believe

We’re not sure if kids still do this these days, because the alternatives are apparently great. When we were children, we played make believe frequently. Nowadays there are places dedicated to letting kids play out their fantasies of being doctors or lawyers or whatever boring job they think would be fun. Back in our day all we had was a box and we made a castle out of that!

kids 6

Summer Camp

Instead of going on that one annual trip to Alexandria, or if they were lucky, a trip outside of Egypt, kids now have options to travel alone! Do you remember when the first time you were allowed to travel alone? You probably were a teenager and your mother worried endlessly.

kids 7


Even when it comes to movies things seem so different! 1996’s  most famous animated movies included Space Jam and The Hunchback of Notre Dame and that was it. This year we have Finding Dory, Zootopia, Kung Fu Panda 3, The Secret Life of Pets and list goes on!

kids 8


Can we focus on the fact that the best thing we had was a game of Snake on our Nokia and kids now complain about not having enough space to watch their favorite show?

kids 9


Do you remember those godawful outfits you wore as a child? If you can’t, take a look at your baby pictures to refresh your memory. Now go to any retail store and check out the kids section. Kids are so fashionable these days it’s scary! Is it wrong to be jealous of a six year old?



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