Kick Off to Break Off!

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We have all been around the block. We all know a thing or two about relationships; we've been with this guy and with that one, we've seen our girlfriends date, and spent hours pillow chatting in slumber parties about "boys"; how cool they are, and how much we like them.


There's the funny one, the barrel of laughs who tells back to back jokes and just cracks you up. No matter what he did to you, you can only forgive him when he makes you bark with laughter and tear up from the laugh cramps in your stomach.


And there's the romantic one; the affectionate man who will show up with flowers, cook you a romantic candle-lit dinner on your second date, kiss you under the moonlight and spend weeks planning your surprise birthday party with your favorite friends, your favorite food and your favorite party spot, all while raising your expectations of how you wish to be treated.


And then there's the mysteriously manly one.  You have nothing in common with him, but you just can't get your hands off him and you don’t know why! He is just intriguing, he is just interesting, and he is just absolutely irresistible! His raw masculinity will have you relishing in your femininity like no other. Dating this bruiser will show you how fun it can be when he shows you who the man is.


And then there's Mr. Big Shot; the handsome one. He dresses sharp, talks slick and has the perfect looks of a man straight out of some kind of "He" mag. One look at him in his tailored suit and you're toast – which is exactly why he wears it. As the 007 of romance, he is going in for the kill. He knows exactly what he is doing and the effect it's having on you – and every other girl around him.


Before you go tango into the sunset with Mr. Right, you have to take a few spins around the dating dance floor with a few Mr. Right. Dating different personality types is the most effective way to find out your likes, dislikes and deal breakers. In fact, spending time with the wrong guys can actually make you a better package when Mr. Fabulous comes along.


But have you ever been in a relationship that hasn't survived more than a month or maybe a week? The ones where the first thing you think to yourself after you break-up is "I knew it!"? Well, I know I have, and many times. No matter how the guy looks like, there's one guy whom you know from the first second, will take you straight to the break-up. It's probably that third type – the mysterious guy whom you have nothing in common with – and who probably knows that every woman who's ever dined with him has silently wished for him to choke.


But if we take a closer look, is there a definite way to gauge guys' personalities in order to recognize the one who will break your heart from the first moment? Well, luckily there is. Here are the surefire signs he's not interested!


He doesn't want you to meet his friends

He gets out of it every time you tell him you want to meet his friends? Bingo! Whether he actually admits it (yea, some actually do have the nerve to do so) or whether you can feel it from his actions, this guy is not very much into you. He prefers to be alone with you, and you have to figure out why. It's either – because he is not serious – he doesn't want to cause any awkward situation among his friends when he "dumps" you, or he just doesn't think you're good enough, or fun enough to hang with his friends, bet your bottom dollar that you're in for a road block.


He "lets you know" how "busy" he is lately

Anytime you try to contact him or you run into him, he cuts the conversation short. He brings up work, school or any other excuse to justify the fact that he has to run.


He lets you get the check

A guy who gets out of paying when he is taking a girl out for dinner in the first month is a guy who's not very serious about the relationship – assuming of course that he is not cheap. The first weeks of your relationship are supposed to be the most important. Guys tend to lose interest a bit with time, even the ones who are willing to take the relationship to the next level. So the first three weeks is his chance to impress you, and the time he should be interested in you the most. If he is not already, then you can kiss your relationship goodbye, as he is never going to be.


He asks you about your hot friend!

Men know women love to give advice and they know they are jealous of each other. He will use both of these well-known facts to his advantage, and ask you what he should do to hook up with your hot friend. Oh don't be surprised, some of them do that hoping while you may initially want to latch onto them more, you will ultimately get the hint that they're just not feeling you, and you'll probably even find a way to blame it on your hot friend — double bonus points for them!


He always looks distracted

He doesn't listen to anything you're saying, he's easily distracted by others when you try to talk to him, or gets saved by the bell? Well, again if he's not so into you in the beginning, he's probably not going to be later. A guy who's not interested will be distant and aloof. He will give vague answers, look around the room when talking and eventually cut the conversation short.


He doesn't return your phone calls

A guy who's not interested will not return your phone calls – at least not right away. If you do happen to catch him on the phone, he will act surprised and apologetic with a million excuses why he wasn't able to call you back. He doesn't want to talk to you because he's afraid you'll ask him questions he doesn't want to answer. There should be a two call limit for a guy who doesn't call you back. After two calls, the ball is in his court. If he doesn't return the call, walk away.


He calls you the wrong name

Everybody knows he knows your name because you just told him five minutes ago – or maybe you've even known each other for weeks. He didn't just suddenly forget your name, and everybody knows it – including him. It's a stupid move that only speaks to his immaturity.

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