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Kharabeesh is a media entertainment network for Arab Internet users mainly on YouTube, that features animated cartoon videos made by young Arabs to help explain, elaborate, and reflect on ongoing political, social, and cultural events arising from the Arab Spring with an unlimited sense of humor and creativity. The channel serves as the historical comical memory of all things that made our jaws drop and our stomach ache from laughter from Arab dictators, revolutions, and precarious characters like Tawfeek Okasha.

Some of the videos made by the Kharabeesh team include the mocking of the famous Mubarak speeches during the first 18 days of the Egyptian revolution, Libya’s Gaddafi’s TukTuk moment, and Ben Ali’s infamous escape. The channel is the first in the Arab world to have this amount of success and subscribers in the animations and cartoons category hitting over 53,500,000+ video views and over 170,000+ subscribers.

Kharabeesh exemplifies resistance in the most satirical fashion on the Internet being an alternative to mainstream media and cultural norms that wouldn’t dare to stripe all the seriousness out of a situation and yet convey it in the strongest and honest message one could through ridicule and mockery. Since the topics addressed in Kharabeesh Cartoons videos are regional and deal with all subjects from mocking Afaf Shoeb’s Reesha & bedzza crisis during the 18 days of the Egyptian Revolution, to Bashar’s persistence on massacring his own people of Syria.

The most viewed videos lately were those regarding Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsy and his so-called “Al Nahda Project” aka theRenaissance Project. Kharabeesh has put out a series of videos depicting “Ta2er Al Nahda” (Renaissance Bird)tying it to the much-talked-about constitution, over which the Egyptian people were divided. In a video watched over 700,000+ times, a man is anxiously awaiting the Renaissance Bird’s eggs, as he was told by his friend that this bird would lay endless eggs within the coming 100 days, only to discover that the very same bird only pooped on the man’s face after the 100 days. He then tries to kill it, while his friend keeps calling for a second chance for the bird is great and magical.

These kinds of videos are Kharabeesh’s specialty; they turn any current political situation in a mocking cartoon that is entertaining, creative, smart, and reflects people’s response to any given event. When we think how we stay sane in an insane world, Kharbeesh will make you at least laugh about it.

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