Karim Fahmy “I told her not to go into the kitchen and that I’ll make dinner. It was a disaster”


Ramadan is all about family and food. We spoke to Karim Fahmy to find out more about his preferences, cooking abilities and whether farafeer food exists!


Tabeekh or junk food?

Tabeekh, because I ate a lot of junk food before I got married. I love tabeekh; I love rice and molokheya. When I was a kid, I used to like junk food, but I grew up to appreciate tabeekh.

Define farafeer food?

I could say that this is “farafeer portion” if someone eats too little.

What do you think about the health wave and being vegan?

Sure it’s a good thing. I, personally, can only diet for a few months, but I can’t stop eating meat.

Is there woman food and man food?

I think personally that my wife loves a certain type of food, not tabeekh and not junk food. She likes certain things like steaks and stuff. And a lot of men love kaware3 and it’s rare that you find women who like it.

What food could turn you off on a date?

Stuff like kersha and kaware3, the way you eat them isn’t very attractive.

Did you ever try to cook at home with your wife?

Once. I told her not to go into the kitchen and that I’ll make dinner. It was a disaster. There wasn’t any food at the end of the day.

What’s your most favorite granny dish?

My grandmothers used to make the best molokheya and mombar.

Why did you reject all Ramadan offers?

I was very busy with Hassan wa Bo’loz. And I didn’t get very excited about any of the things I was offered to the extent that I just had to go for it.


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