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Karim El Sirgany, a talented and rising photographer, is booming with his talent to introduce capturing frames of effective photography. He graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels and is a established a sales manager in a telecommunications company. Ten years ago, Karim began with his photography but kept all in his drawer and unleashed his works of art only recently in his first a solo exhibition “Bedaya” at the Cairo Opera. His collection included the best seventy shots he ever captured and 20% of the sales went into charitable projects.
Karim finds his shooting Mecca in the streets of Egypt where a portrait tells so many untold stories. One of his very promising shots is “The Smile” which won first place among 250 contestants at El Sakia Photo Competition, it captures a very poor girl with a beautifully breathtaking smile.
“My favorite portraits are those of old people. I like close-ups of wrinkles and teeth, they tell a lot”, he adds.
Karim is looking forward to bigger plans for next year. He will organize an international photography exhibition including 500 photographers worldwide. Apart from photography Karim has a second passion: cooking. He is a great cook mixing tasty ingredients from the seven seas, as he cooks delicious international dishes. “I’m looking forward to start my own cooking business; I want to make a restaurant a very special one. I will cook two times a week and will be one of my specialties. Egypt wants a new thing to take a part of quality and good pricing” he comments.
So if he cooks as good as his photography then we might be onto a real winner here.
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