Juhayna Arms Breast Cancer Fighters with Emotional Support

Juhayna Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is World Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, Juhayna is taking its long-standing support of breast cancer fighters through its partnership with the Baheya Foundation to the next level!

Knowing the importance of the emotional wellbeing of breast cancer fighters, Juhayna launched a series of activities dedicated to uplifting their spirits. First of all, they re-decorated the fighters’ hospital rooms to surround them with positive energy on their journey fighting cancer. They also hung motivational quotes on the curtains of the Chemotherapy rooms, which filled them with negative-energy repelling bright colors!

Juhayna Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Then, on the 23rd of October, they held a Fun Day at the Baheya Foundation. It certainly provided an all-encompassing self-care experience. Breast cancer fighters were provided with Art Therapy sessions, hair consultations, make-up sessions, and skincare sessions. With the ultimate self-care experience and the newly-decorated rooms, Juhayna has certainly ensured the positive vibes last.

Juhayna has always had a particular interest in aiding the development of the Egyptian healthcare sector in general. All while having an interest in raising awareness about breast cancer in particular. They are the main and first sponsor of Baheya Foundation, having partnered up with them back in 2015. Since then, with Juhayna’s support, the Baheya Foundation has been able to welcome 165,352 women who were in the early stages of tumor detection.

“Our long-term partnership with Baheya is one of a kind. Over the past years, we’ve managed to achieve high recovery rates, and most importantly, raise awareness about this disease. So, we are definitely keen to continue our support to the Baheya foundation using different means, be they financial or emotional support,” said Passant Fouad, the External Communication Director at Juhayna.


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