Judariat Silwawa: Bridging Saudi and Egyptian culture

Judariat Silwawa

To celebrate the spirit of the Hajj season, Egyptian photographer Coucla Refaat and Saudi fashion designer Lubna Al-Ghrair, commonly known as Sit El Dar, collaborated in Judariat Silwawa. Also, Egyptian Jewellery Design House Azza Fahmy Jewellery contributed to this exhibition. They presented several archival pieces, including the British Museum capsule collection, Houses of the Nile, and Rumuz. This project highlighted the artistic talents of these individuals and weaves the cultural ties between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

The fusion of culture and fashion took center stage in this unique endeavor. Refaat captured the essence of the Hajj journey through her lens. With Al-Ghrair, this duo brings to life the intricate details of this sacred pilgrimage through the window of fashion, showcasing the rich cultural heritage shared by both nations.

A Delve Into The Exhibition:

Judariat Silwawa is a testament to the deep-rooted connection between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It transported the visitors on a visual journey from the banks of the Nile to the streets of Riyadh. Through intricate designs and captivating visuals, Al-Ghrair pays homage to the diversity and artistry of Egypt.

Judariat Silwawa exhibition was an immersive experience. It blended art, culture, faith, and tradition in a vibrant celebration of diversity. The event welcomed over 300 guests, offering them an interactive journey through the cultural landscape of both nations.

Central to the exhibition are the works of Eid Al-Selwi, an Egyptian artist whose paintings capture Hajj rituals in his village. The inclusion of his art adds depth to the exhibition. Alongside, a documentary film was also screened. It provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the inspiration behind Eid Al-Selwi’s work, shedding light on Egypt’s rich cultural heritage.

More About Azza Fahmy’s Collection:

Azza Fahmy’s profound connection with Nubia, showcases her deep appreciation for the region’s cultural and historical significance. This resonates with the exhibition’s name, Judariat Silwawa, which is the name of a city of Aswan in Upper Egypt.

The Houses of the Nile collection, one of Azza Fahmy’s earliest and most celebrated works, draws inspiration from her love of architecture and design. This collection includes pendants, brooches, and necklaces shaped like small mud houses, intricately adorned with patterns and stones that depict palm trees, pigeon towers, mosque minarets, and crosses. Each piece evokes the charm and beauty of Nubia, reflecting Fahmy’s deep connection to Aswan and Nubian culture.

As Egypt and Saudi Arabia come together to celebrate their shared heritage, Judariat Silwawa exhibition serves as a shining example of the power of art and fashion to transcend borders and foster cultural understanding.

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