Johnson & Johnson’s Extends a Tender Hand to Parents and Babies with Choose Gentle

Johnson & Johnson’s have been around for over a century, 125 years to be precise. And throughout this time, they have made it their mission to provide the gentlest care to children all over the world. For all those years, they have been the ultimate brand for baby care, the most trusted by parents. That is due to the fact that Johnson’s Baby products are so pure and mild, they are known to be appropriate for use since the very first moment of birth. On a child’s first day of being alive, they will be cared for, using Johnson’s products. Johnson’s led the industry in formulating best-for-baby products with the minimum needed ingredients and exceeding the top internationally recognized regulatory standards. And now, they are taking it another, extremely important, step forward.

Gentle doesn’t have to be tangible. Johnson & Johnson’s realize the importance of gentle parenting in all aspects of a child’s upbringing. Being gentle with one’s words and actions with their child is essential, and just as important, as choosing the gentlest products for them. For parents, being gentle is a superpower, being gentle with our children’s dreams and ambitions, with each other, and with the earth. Choosing gentle meant always thinking like a parent first.

That is why Johnson & Johnson’s hosted a major event especially dedicated to Choosing Gentle at Mohammed Ali Club.. The event, which promoted gentle parenting, was perfectly tailored so that both parents and children alike can enjoy it. While the little ones played and partook in gift-wrapping products for impoverished children, the parents got to learn about what choose gentle means to Johnson’s through their five promises they give to the world.

The five promises are very straightforward and to the point, starting with Only using purposeful ingredients. Their products have been free from parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives since 2015— but now all their leading formulas are even gentler without sulfates & dyes. The second one is to Never stop raising the bar, Johnson’s has conducted 90% of all industry-led research focused on understanding healthy baby skin. Choosing gentle also means being open and honest and this is Johnson’s third promise, they wanted to disclose all their ingredients and make labels easier to understand so parents can feel empowered to make choices. Think like a parent first – they listened to parents from around the world and reformulated their products inside and out with parents in mind, to set their new standard for gentle. They also introduced product classification via stages to help & guide parents when it comes to buying baby products. And lastly, Make the world a gentler place as Babies’ development is influenced by the world they grow up in, so their formulas are carefully crafted to be gentle on the environment.

The event hosted many exceptional power parents and parenting experts who spoke about the topic, offering insight and expertise. Defining the concept of gentle parenting. Positive Discipline Trainer Amina Diab said, “gentleness is putting the feelings of your child first, before your own feelings.” It is not only good for parents to be gentle, but children as well, and Entrepreneur, Content Creator and Coach Ismail Kassem believes you can encourage your children to be gentle, “you have to lead by example, because children learn by modeling.” So being gentle, ensures your children will grow up to be gentle as well. This was evidently important to all the power couples who joined Johnson’s on this day, Cairokee Drummer Tamer Hashem and his wife Stylist Marwa Mehanna both agreed that being gentle is the perfect way to teach their little one to do so when she grows up. On the other hand, Cairo Foodies pointed out something extremely perceptive, which is kindness to animals, “if you love animals, you probably will love humans,” they said. Many other inspiring influencer parents joined the event such as Fashion Blogger Ingy El Ingbawy, and Makeup Artist Logina Salah.

Finally, we spoke to Heba El Mahdy, Johnson & Johnson’s Country Director, to learn more about this new image of Johnson’s. “At Johnson’s, gentle means everything. We believe it has an immense transformative power in the world. Gentle basically means safe, pure, confident and happy. To me personally, gentle means being human, it encompasses all the things humans should be.” She explains. As part of this launch, Johnson’s made five promises; to use purposeful ingredients, to never stop raising the bar, to be open and honest and share 100% of their product ingredients, to think like the parents first, and finally, to make the world a gentler place, “we are trying to create a world where every individual has the opportunity to manifest this transformative power of gentle.” Heba says. Finally, in this difficult, harsh world we are living in, Heba has one final piece of advice to parents, “Choose gentle. In a tough world, for parents and children alike, it is the bravest way forward, choose gentle.”

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