It’s Summer Time – Let sunshine in your home!

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Now is the perfect time to get your home summer-ready, even if you’re on a shoestring budget. These simple and affordable decorating ideas will help you lighten the look of your home and get summer savvy style in an instant.

Create a New Fit

You update your look with fun; flirty clothes to fit your summer style so why not do the same for your furniture? Transform that bland sofa and those boring chairs into stylish showpieces by either making or buying stylish new slipcovers. Or you can put new cushions with bright colors. The perfect summer print, like a light-colored damask or a cotton twill fabric, says "Hello summer" to all who have the pleasure of lounging in your living room.

Lighten the Linens

Those cozy down comforters and velvet pillows we found comforting during the winter months can feel oppressive when summer arrives. Try replacing dark, heavy linens with lighter and brighter ones for a fresh and easy-going summer look. Keep an eye out for sheer, lightweight fabrics or inexpensive satin or chiffon. Colors that reflect the playful nature of summer, such as cool ivory or pale yellow, will go a long way towards giving your home a fresh look.


Flowers are the perfect quick fix for a drab, colorless room. Bring the calming beauty of these natural wonders indoors. Freshly picked purple lilacs placed in a cup on your kitchen tabletop will create an eye-catching arrangement that will cause your senses to celebrate.

Roll It Up

Heavy traditional carpets can weigh a room down and make the space feel heavier. Why not roll them up for summer? Replace those carpets with fun area rugs in bright colors and patterns like polka dots or stripes. If you’re lucky enough to have polished wood floors hiding under those rugs, why not keep them bare for summer? This will give your space a clean and airy new look.


Accentuate a few key summer accessories for a more lighthearted look. It doesn’t cost a thing to decorate the living room with prized photos of your family on vacation last summer or to display your colorful gardening books on a coffee or side table. That seashell collection from your last beach excursion will help your summer spirit come alive, as will a bowl of luminous glass stones glittering in the sunlight on your windowsill.

Want a room with a view?

Try rearranging furniture around windows or terrace doors to take advantage of the view outside. Move your favorite reading chair, or even your kitchen table, away from the wall and next to an open window to put the room in a whole new light. With a little imagination and a strong set of arms, you can easily transform your home for summer.

Put it on Display

Summer is the perfect time to refresh the look of a dull space by updating the artwork on your walls. To start, replace those dark wood picture frames with light wood or even white alternatives. Brighten a dim hallway or add some color to that darkly painted wall by updating your artwork, too. For example, you could replace a snowy mountain print with a field of red flowers. It’s easy to create the perfect summer backdrop with a few strategically placed pieces of artwork displayed in the right frame.


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