It’s Ok to Be Over 30 and Single

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Oh my God my daughter turned 30 and she still not married! Parents and especially mothers get so horrified with this thought and keep on pushing the daughter to accept whatever man-material is available even if not really suitable. Lots of parents believe that after this age the girl’s chances to get a decent husband is next to nothing and they turn to be more accepting less matching grooms just for the sake of getting her married.


I guess our community plants the concept of marriage way too early in the minds of children. How often did you hear people talking to a 5 year old boy or girl and saying we will get you married to so and so? Kids at such age should not be even thinking about marriage or commitment. It opens their eyes to concepts they should consider when they are much older. How many times did you come across parents looking for an apartment to buy for their children so they will be able to get married once they reach “the right” age!  I personally believe this is an indirect pressure on kids in their early stages in life. 

At this age we should encourage our children to explore life and to seek education. We don’t need more people to just reproduce rather than bringing useful citizens to the community. Young girls are not supposed to grow up thinking that their last stop in life is marriage and bringing more kids to the world. There is much more happening in life other than that. The older we get the more careful we become in choosing our life partner and the way we lead our lives. I wonder how many families in our part of the world raise their children on that. Girls are not a burden we need to get rid of and dump them on the first man who proposes for them. Many parents still think that their duty in life is over as soon as their daughters find husbands and settle down in their own house. I would honestly believe that if we focus on bringing our kids up in a way that they become independent and productive they will be much more useful to themselves and to the community. If we focus on spending on their education and upbringing rather than buying them houses to get married, things will be so much different in terms of their life partner choices and quality of life in general.

Many amazing female friends of mine did not find their Mr. Right yet and they are over 30 now. It’s a worldwide issue now and it’s also huge one here. Finding the right person when you are over 30 is much harder. My friends are smart successful at work and financially independent. Their choices in men are a bit harder because they are looking for an equal partner while many of the guys don’t. Their attributes are enough to scare any insecure man at once. In many cases guys need someone to be helpless and dependant. They need someone to make them feel grand not equal. Sad but true. 

Society neglects any other achievement a woman made in her life and focuses on her marital status. I can feel the pressure on many of my single friends at every wedding I go to or at any social gathering I attend. I see it at weddings when everyone is looking at her and wonders why she is still single? Some people actually go a bit further and blow this question right in her face! Yes, again sad but true.

Society is putting a tremendous pressure on single ladies over 30 for being single. It’s ok for a man to be over 30 and single but a big drama for a girl in the same situation.  

Well, you are better off being single than miserable with a husband you had chosen to avoid being looked at as someone who failed to find a husband. It’s ok to be single rather than being divorced with a kid or two.

It’s ok to be over 30 and single because it is not too late. You can still find the right person for you and you can live a happy life. Think out of the box and don’t think you are getting too old simply because your mother was married at a younger age than yours. Things are different now, people are different now. Focus about your life, enjoy your age now because you will not live it again. The right person will appear in the right time have no worry about this. Believe and you will receive. The most important thing for you to know is this:  it’s ok to be over 30 and single, trust me, Koossy says so.    

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