It’s Getting Hot in Here! Hacienda Bay is all about Steamy Fun and Quirky Fashion!

Given how hectic our lives are, we’d all like a break every now and then. This is especially true for young women whose demanding jobs – and sometimes family obligations – put stress on them. Hacienda Bay comes to the rescue, though! We’ve listed below why we believe an all-Ladies trip would be perfect there.


Long Live the Local!

hacienda 3

At Lakeyard, expect to find everything! Pretty fashion is your friend, and now you don’t need to be in Cairo for you to enjoy a fun shopping spree with the girls! You can take your pick from many boutiques such as Pop Up Shop, Fashion Lounge, Inca & Co, Boho Gallery, Sixtynine and many, many more stores.


Fitness Influencers? No more Jealousy!

With all the steamy photos of fitness influencers in our daily feeds provoking jealousy, you can drop by Befit at Hacienda Bay’s Lakeyard and challenge yourself! You and your lady friends will certainly appreciate the girl power found in exercising together. Maybe you can get lucky and bump into Aly Mazhar!


Some Mommy SANE time please!

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When you’re out and about with your girlfriends, you need a break where you can focus on having fun. A little “me time” never hurt anyone. For this, SANE & Trampoline Park comes to the rescue. Your children will be safe, happy and entertained at this entertainment park. You and your group of lady friends can have fun, knowing your little ones are having the time of their lives.

hacienda 4hacienda 2

Snap those party moments!

6ix degrees never go out of style. Located at Hacienda Bay, There’s always something fun happening there.


Enjoy the Food

You shouldn’t feel guilty about eating all you want during your summer vacation. Hacienda Bay has an abundance of delicious options for you and your friends. There’s something for everyone!


All about that Hair!

Just because you’re by the beach, doesn’t mean your hair has got to look like Monica’s hair on humid days. At Hacienda Bay you’ll be able to look your best, with Chez Richard Salon giving your locks the best treatment in town!


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