It all began with Pink Panther…

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Twenty-five year old Fadwa Attia is the founder and creative director of Fofo Designs specializing in unique T-shirt prints. Fadwa is a Fine Arts graduate and began her home business two years ago.
It all began with Pink Panther who she painted on her own T-shirt and received excellent feedback, which resulted in pursuing this concept as a business. She paints on shirts, jeans, caps, bags, pillows, blankets and even curtains. Her designs are on display at various bazaars, school fun days and lately at the SOS music festival.
“I travelled to Portugal for a workshop and found German, Turkish, Spanish people wearing T-shirts with prints in their own language and Egyptians wear T-shirts with English prints, so I decided to design shirts with Arabic words and phrases”, Attia tells us. “We must be innovative and productive not only followers and customers of foreign designs all the time”, she adds. Being known for her drawing skillsl she is a published caricaturist at the “Dostoor” Newspaper. Her designs are available through the Facebook group “Fofo”.

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