ISLC’s Special Session: where young talents inspire!

Having a passion in life is extremely wonderful, and it is even more wonderful to use this passion to reach ultimate success and fulfill the greatest of dreams. At a young age, we are always pressured to find our passion, so that everything we do leads to something big at the end. Some people are born with a dream that accompanies them throughout their lives, some easily find it, and some are always searching for it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve found it yet or not, because what really matters is the journey of exploring and going through many experiences that make you sure of who you are and, eventually, what you want.

In ISLC, the International Student Leadership Conference, the journey is worth it. The student conference has workshops in 8 different fields; Creativity & Innovation, Culture, Entrepreneurship, Juniors (For high school students), Media, Psychology, Philosophy & Politics. There are also several organizing committees responsible for Marketing, Human Resources and Coordination, allowing members to get experience in these areas. At this time each year, they hold an event called ‘The Special Session’. At this event each workshop and committee presents a movie related to its field and a winner is chosen.


The idea is brilliant and serves the students’ needs at that age, since all they need is to be motivated to do something that helps them express themselves. They get to know new people with different mentalities, yet their common interests bring them together to work on something that helps them to unleash their potential and talent. The Special Session is an opportunity for a journey within the journey. It makes the participants and members discover things about themselves and do things they never thought they could do. A lot of actors, scriptwriters, directors, filmmakers are nurtured each year. A lot of people find their passion, not only in the field of film. You can be the great coordinator who has the best interpersonal skills without whom the movie cannot be done. You can be the spirited motivator who never fails to spread positive vibes. You can be anything your effort makes you.


The judges for this year were the actress Nadia Khairy and the director Karim Ismail who were amazed by how the young talents demonstrate unlimited creativity and professionalism. The messages that each workshop delivers are capable of pushing others, along with those who work on it, to change and develop. It seems that we need more events like the Special Session, since the results are more than inspirational. Everyone is a winner on that day and the number one winner is the audience. Here is a chance for you to be a winner too and watch some of the most recent winning movies:


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