Is Sherlock a Time Lord?

Earlier this year, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were spotted while filming the much anticipated Special. Since the airing for the last episode of the 3rd season back in February 2014, dedicated fans have been dying to see this moment.



Only when it happened, it raised even more questions about the episode. Cumberbatch and Freeman were dressed in 19th Century clothes! Not only that, but everything else looked Victorian. The Internet imploded at the sight of those new photos and speculations of all kind started surfacing.




Thankfully, Steven Moffat cleared all doubts by confirming that, yes, Sherlock’s upcoming special will be set in Victorian London. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Co-creator stated that the special is its own thing, and the Victorian setting is separate from the rest of the episodes. Still, we really want to believe that a crossover between Sherlcok and Doctor Who is taking place and Moffat is just being very discreet.

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