Is it Ok to Marry a Freelancer?

The concepts of freelancing and entrepreneurship have invaded multiple homes in Egypt recently. With small businesses getting a lot of spotlight and various opportunities emerging within the market, many breadwinners are currently working without a fixed schedule. How many women out there wish that their husbands were freelancers? The benefits of marrying a freelancing husband are numerous and they work out very well for the well-being of the wife.

A freelancer spends more time with the family

Because they work from home, freelancers often have a better work-life balance. Your husband can spend more time with your children (which is a major Egyptian challenge given that rewarding careers are usually a huge time commitment) or the dog and steal moments to relax and do the things you love together. With the absence of regular working hours and the fact that there is no daily commute to an office helps in spending less time away from home. This is something that is definitely reflected positively on both the family’s time management and social activities.

No mean boss for your husband to complain about

Your husband will be his own boss which is basically every man’s dream! Being a freelancer means that there are no more control freak bosses terrorizing him! Well, how many people out there are crazy about their bosses? Almost nobody! Freelance work enables one to be independent. In freelance jobs there are no distractions which are part of office work especially a boss looking over your shoulders, Office politics and countless meetings with the Boss over unachievable targets. So instead of your husband being always overwhelmed by what his boss did or didn’t do, he will come home to clear his head and blow some steam away from the ongoing responsibility of being fully accountable for his work.

Doing what he loves

Another advantage of freelancing works. Here he can choose to do things you love. There is no compulsion whatsoever. Most desk jobs are boring and lack variety. Most people do the same thing day after day without new projects and new challenges. But this is not the case when opting for freelance jobs and this is really important! Our society does not lack creativity, but it lacks creative opportunities. Unfortunately we have a lot of creative minds who are stuck within creativity-killing jobs because these are the jobs that actually provide a decent pay. Being able to freelance helps in giving a feeling of self-actualization for those “out of the box” talents out there! This guarantees a happier husband who does not feel discouraged by deprivation from a chance that fulfills his mental needs.

Building an asset

Owning and operating a successful freelance business allows you as a family to create an asset that may be sellable down the road. The efforts exerted may be rewarded not only through the present income generated. The reputation, client list and other business assets can net your family additional income if you sell your successful business to another.

He will keep on growing

A freelancer needs to keep developing skills to keep ahead of the competition. In contrast, as an employee, it’s easy to get complacent and just do the minimum required to keep the job. There is also a tendency to rely on your employer to determine which skills need to improve or develop, and when training should happen. That’s not necessarily good for your professional growth. As a freelancer, the important question is: “What do I need to get good at in order to give more value to my clients?” this provides a much stronger drive for your husband to continue exerting effort, thinking outside of the box and perhaps seek post-graduate studies that contribute to his personal growth and will reflect on his professionally while keeping his ambition satisfied.

The big question nowadays is still unfortunately whether to freelance or not to begin with! Most people want to encourage guaranteed salaries and a secure income; not that they are mistaken or anything. But the main idea behind freelancing is doing what it takes to create independence away from one stable employer and open a new world of possibilities. We are now entering an era in which we all need to be more flexible towards what we have previously defined as a “successful career” and weigh the options available out there. Some of us have more capabilities than the job market is willing to offer them and they need to be given affair chance to explore their potential within the freelancing business.

One really important thing to bear in mind here is that men’s careers are of extreme importance to their mood and their emotional wellbeing. A husband who is happy at work, doing what he loves and not feeling overwhelmed by a job he dislikes is a much happier man at home! Men derive a lot of their self-esteem and good mood from what they do at work. If your husband has a creative mind and is willing to work within a less structured and more fulfilling job then freelancing is definitely the way to do things.

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