Is it Bettering or Changing?

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What is the Difference between Bettering and Changing?
  • To Better is a positive attitude but to Change is a negative attitude
  • To Better shows your power of acceptance
  • To Change shows your power of resistance to acceptance
  • To Better shows your will and ability to make an added value to the current situation
  • To Change shows your ability without a will to devalue what in hand
  • To Better enhances creativity and sense of reality
  • To Change is a discouraging source which makes you step forward
  • To Better is a passage to continuity
  • To Change is your steps to go back wards
  • To Better is your life dynamic status
  • To Change is your life standing still status
  • To Better is human sense
  • To Change is an inhuman sense
  • To Better is your efficient results
  • To Change is your effective results
  • To Better is your expressive talk
  • To Change is your impressive talk
  • To Better is to Do the Right Things
  • To Change is to Do Things Right
  • To Better is to function your positive stress and positive aggression
  • To Change is functioning the negative stress and aggression
  • To Better is to work with your assertive and firm human elements
  • To Change is to work with your submissive, aggressive, offensive, manipulative and passive human elements
  • To Better is your concern of people and results
  • To Change is your focus only on results
  • To Better is a Winner Life Status
  • To Change is a Loser Life Status
  • To Better lies in cooperation and team spirit
  • To Change lies in individuality, egoism and isolation
  • To Better you are a broad minded person
  • To Change you are a narrow minded person
  • To Better is to think of making up the situation
  • To Change is to think blaming all who are present in the situation
  • To Better is self initiatives and keeping a role model
  • To Change is self positioning and personal prestige
  • To Better is where actions count
  • To Change is where intentions counts
  • To Better is how you are slaving life
  • To Change is how you are slaved by life
  • To Better is to Know what you Need and Want what you Have
  • To Change is to lament the inability to achieve neither the Needs nor the Wants
  • To Better is the flexibility to be dealt with
  • To Change is the rigidity in communicating, dealing and interacting
  • To Better is to promise the minimum and achieve the maximum
  • To Change is to promise the maximum and to achieve the NON
  • To Better is the credibility and the mutual human trust
  • To Change is the incredibility and leads to the mistrust
  • To Better is the responsibility and the accountability
  • To Change is in the irresponsibility and unaccountability
What to do to Better?
  • Set a life objective or number of life objectives
  • Design a SMART of objective
S-Simple and Specific
T-Time limited
  • Plan more than a plan to achieve your objective
  • Differentiate between a Goal and a Wish
  • Simplify your goal or objectives in wording
  • Be ready with alternative scenarios when facing any managerial crises
  • Match your internal abilities with the external capabilities and facilities
  • Analyze your objective into minute goals
  • Think of people who can share or cooperate or assist in achieving your goals and objective
  • Make a moment of discovery; why you want to achieve this goal or objective
  • Plan ahead what are the tools needed to achieve and what are already in hand
  • Think if you have the tools, are you aware of the know how
  • What is the step after this kind of achievement if happened
  • How will you be able to save and protect the achievement
  • Which passage you will chose to take, to save and protect, then to move ahead, for another new step
  • Who are to be affected positively from this achievement, in addition to your self
  • Calculate the loss and the risk factors
  • Think how to minimize the loss, as much as you can
  • Keep your indicators and signals to move, or stop, or to withdrew
  • Sometimes, withdrawal decision is a strength in itself
  • Plan check points for your self in the process of achievements
  • Double check every now and then your To-Do-List
  • Measure your elements of power and authority to make a Dream come True
  • Deal with reputable people and sources
  • Avoid any discouraging sources
How to avoid Changing?
  • Accept what in hand
  • Keep a positive attitude not negative
  • Function positive thinking and perception
  • Find always solution, alternatives and room out for any current negative situation, but to change is to escape, or blame, and consequently regretting
  • Do not waste time, to lament, or regret, think always of a passage to continuity
  • Start ahead of time and avoid procrastination
  • Analyze success factors not only failure reasons, and motives
  • Keep a willing Will
  • Work on the wreckage of yesterday, to design a new structure for tomorrow
  • Do not blame others, but find out, what you can do
  • Think constructively not destructively
  • Never demonstrate power of money nor authority
  • Do not work on proving who is right and who is wrong
  • If you compare, people or results, so you are digging a path to failure, deal with each case separately, deal with it As It Is
  • Think out of the box, to make an added value, and not devaluing
  • Speak your ideas out, in concrete not abstract
  • Be clear, and establish the ability to phrase and rephrase
  • Be simple and humble not meticulous and snob
  • Be open minded, listen to others, as to be listened to
  • Respect other ideas, and do not be an opponent
  • Never to give a bad mouthing about others, neither people nor things
  • Avoid speaking negatively
  • Before fighting for your right, just get to know, what other people rights
  • Speak and act freely, without stepping on the toes of humanity to others
  • Respect time and do not leave it to drop through your fingers
  • Do not waste to much time planning, as life is happening when you are busy planning
  • Approach problems positively and optimistically, and think that there is always endless hope and it is not a matter of hopeless end
  • Always think, that it is never too late, and even late is better than never
It is not your not Aptitude, it is your Attitude that determines your Altitude
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