Is Chloé Egyptian? The Story of Gaby Aghion

A post made on Facebook by Amany Youssef tells the story of how an Egyptian girl by the name of Gaby Aghion wanted to start her own clothing and perfume production line, and when people ridiculed her dream, she went to France and started a fashion line that developed into becoming what we now know as Chloé.

While the story doesn’t go exactly like that, the part about Gaby Aghion being born in Egypt is true! She was born in Alexandria in particular to a wealthy, intellectual family. Her style for Chloé, which she established in 1952, was considered rebellious at the time. That being said, nothing on the official website says anything about her dreams being ridiculed in Egypt.

On the official Chloe website, it is said that Gaby’s wealth afforded her a French education. On the website as well it’s detailed how her family was against her “working” at first, when she decided to make her own dresses.

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