Is a Good for Nothing Man Better than None?

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Let’s call me Mona, I am married for over ten years and have two beautiful children. They are my sole reason to be alive until now. I come from a good family like they say and fortunate to receive a high-end education. I am well off, have a successful career, a great house, and look ten years younger than my age. When I married my husband I was absolutely convinced that he is the one. When we first met he had just returned to Cairo from abroad with his degree and decided to settle. Back then I had many suitors proposing for marriage. His background was close to mine in terms of education, family and character. My late father always believed that money doesn’t make men but ambition does and he seemed quite ambitious. During the first four years of marriage, he moved from one job to the other with the excuse of a better offer, refusing to listen to any advice but his mom’s. After my father passed away, he just simply stopped working, just like that. He would take a job for a few months quit and stay home, having absolutely no problem with that. He would spend his day at the Gym looking all good and fit, roam malls or run errands for his dear mother. That’s it. On the other hand, I work full-time  pay full tuition for both kids in a renowned private school and look after every single aspect in our lives. He would share some responsibilities regarding the kids but only under severe pressure from my side. We have been like that for nine years now. I am Christian so I cannot have a divorce for this reason and he refused to leave the house. His mother wants him to herself but to be staying at my place. When I send him to her she just returns him with the excuse of the kids. I don’t have any hope that he will change or that this will all end. Sadly, I passed this stage. The one I am in now is how do I train myself to accept these reversed roles? How do I define my being a woman? How can I respect him as a man? How can I avoid that my two boys grow up thinking men don’t have to work and mothers have jobs that pay for everything?


Do you know such a case? Do you know a way to help women in such a situation? Do you have a cousin, friend or sister who is in such a dilemma and cannot solve it? Mail us the story along with solid proof and we will publish it. Let’s raise awareness for all the women who cannot raise their voice! Mail to:

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