Invite them Over a Cup of Nescafé! 6 Tips for a Successful Reunion

Nescafé’s new campaign is making us all think about our childhood friends, and we love it! They have decided to start a campaign encouraging people to find their old friends by checking their first tagged picture, and meeting the person who tagged them over a cup of Nescafé. The first two people to do that challenge were actress Amina Khalil, who reunited with her childhood friend in a playground and Standup Comedian Alaa Elsheikh, who took his friend out for a cup of Nescafé (obviously). More stories are coming up from Shady Alfons, Aisha Shabraawy, and Amr Rady. We can’t wait to see them all!

Now, everyone was asked to do the same, take new pictures with their old friend and post it using the hashtag #???????

If you are considering joining the fun, as you should, you will probably benefit from the following tips for a successful reunion:


Use the Technology At Hand

Social Media isn’t only there for us to complain about politics and post cat pictures, it can be very useful when it comes to planning reunions. Start a Facebook group and invite the people you want to reunite with. It’ll help you plan something that everyone will enjoy.


Make Sure It’s Fun

Make sure you have some kind of activity. A playground really is a great place to renew old friendships. You can also take your friend or group of friends to an art gallery, book shopping, or for a picnic. It will guarantee no one gets bored during the outing and that there are no awkward silences.


Yet, Give yourselves Time to Talk

All the previously mentioned ideas are good for both having fun and doing an activity, while also getting some time to talk. After all, if you haven’t met in years, you will want to catch up.


Get them a Present

Nothing fancy, but something they’ve always liked; their favorite chocolate or a CD with the songs you both used to listen to are great ways to rekindle old friendships.


Have them Meet your New Friends

Not right away, but on the second time you go out, have them meet the people you regularly go out with. This will merge your old group with your new group and double the fun for all of you!


Re-Discover your Favorite Spots

Go and check out the places you’ve always loved all those years ago. This will trigger all your memories together and will be the beginning of a new version of your familiar, fun friendship.


Bring a Photo Album

Include old and new photos. So they can remember the fun times they had with you, and also find out what you have been up to when you were disconnected.

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