International Makeup Artist: Katie Hughes Shares her Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips

We are constantly on the lookout for the best beauty tips and hacks. So naturally, when we found out that the amazing International makeup-artist, Katie Jan Hughes is in Egypt, we just had to interview her. We asked all the tricky questions and she had all the right answers. 

What is the best skincare routine for wintertime?

Before you go to bed, take your makeup off with a really rich, creamy oil or balm cleanser, as that is going to add hydration and like a cocooning element to the face. If you are feeling dry after you wash, apply a very rich, buttery cream in the areas that get dry the most but not so much into the pores or shiny places. When you do that, you will wake up with glowing plump skin. Also, apply lip balm before bedtime, I put it over the lines so when I wake up I have a plump lip. For oily skin, try to adapt these tips to your skin. I believe that oil helps to cut through oil. Some products like gel or can strip your skin, it is a case of figuring out your skin and using a little bit of what you need. 

How can one make their base makeup look good in photos?

Typically, the more makeup you wear, the better the photograph will look. However, I also want to go out and do stuff about my day and not look like I have got 20 pounds of foundation on. So, I am very selective, and I use a full-coverage foundation only where I need it. I apply rich, creamy foundation where I want to bounce the light, and where I want more coverage, I use a full-coverage concealer, around the eyes, nose and around the mouth, and thinly spread it around. 

Tell us about your unique way of drawing your brows and what is the best product for eyebrows, gel, powder or pen? I think it depends on the eyebrow. If you have full brows naturally, a bit of eyebrow gel is all you really need, maybe a flick or two with a pen or a pencil. For the people who have no brows like myself, I like to do flicks or strokes with a pen to create natural-like brows, because l plucked them off when I was 15, I didn’t listen to my mom and my sister. You can do this with a pen or pencil but really thin and sharp to create hair-like strokes. 

How can each woman find her own makeup look or style that makes her unique? The only way to know if you like something on yourself is to try it, and if you don’t like it, it’s makeup! It washes off. Try and also have fun in the process, and experience the personalities that come with you wearing different makeup. And I would say base it around your wardrobe, look at your clothing and see what tones you usually wear and try to balance that with your makeup. 

would you describe your makeup philosophy as less is more?

How can one achieve that with all these products nowadays? Not less is more and not more is more, but somewhere in between. Because for me, the less is more is very restrictive, and more is more can be too much, so I am definitely somewhere in the middle. I would say to be adventurous with products and use a little bit of so many things. 

What are the worst habits women expose their skin to?

Not using the right product, and people not using beauty blenders and brushes. I am lazy sometimes and I can go a week without washing my brushes but some people do not wash them and that hurts their skin. 

What are the most common mistakes women make when they apply makeup? 

Using the wrong shade of foundation. And it is difficult because there are many skin tones and undertones and shades of foundation. I would say apply foundation from the jaw to the neck and if the color is the same then it’s good and go. Also, go outside and look at yourself in the mirror or your phone, not inside the store with all that fluorescent light. And never try the product on the back of your hand. 

If you can pick three items only to put in your makeup bag what would they be?

Easy! Concealer, because I can also use it as a foundation; dewy cream, because I can also use it as a highlighter; and red lipstick, because I could also use it as blush and eyeshadow. 

What are your tips for makeup packing for traveling?

I have a sectioned makeup bag. In one section, there are about seven lipsticks, in another section there about three cream blushes, in the third section there are about three eyeshadow palettes, but everything has to have another use if possible. My foundation can double as a concealer, my lipstick as a cream blush or something around the eye. Because of how much content I create on my channel, I always try to push products as far as I can on the space on my face. The more uses you can get out of one thing the better because you will have more fun.

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