Intercontinental City Stars’ Club Floor: The Best way to Enjoy a Working Weekend!

This month, we’re very lucky to be the first guests to try out the new Club Floor luxury experience at the Intercontinental City Stars.  As our magazine production week started, we decided to take our laptops, endless papers and documents to the InterContinental’s new Club Floor that made our working weekend fun, exciting and very productive.

As soon as we checked in and hanged the ‘Don’t Disturb’ sign on our door, the room catered all our needs from the WIFI Internet, the elegant cozy couch and the comfortable desk that served our writing flash. On our breaks, we went to the Club Lounge on the 12th floor to have snacks and desserts and energized for the rest of the afternoon.

What’s really cool about the rooms is the Rain Shower in the bathroom. It’s perfectly designed to suit your favorite way to unwind either by the playful heavy drops of rain or by the smooth swaying drops.  It’s definitely the best way to end long working hours.

In the next morning, a couple of hours before returning to the office and beginning another long week, we hit the spa for half an hour of Sauna to loosen up and end a perfect working weekend experience.

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