Inside The Artist’s Studio: Hend Seif El-Din

Hend Seif El-Din

Hend Seif El-Din is a wonderfully creative artist. Her art speaks volumes about her distinct and colorful personality. We knew it had to be part of our Banat El Ayam Di book. We sit down with her to know all about her artistic journey.

Artwork titled 'Hope'
‘Hope’ Mixed Media Painting by Hend Seif El-Din

Hend describes herself as a proud Aquarian, an advocate of animal rights, a traveler, and a bookworm who loves getting lost in narrow, cobbled streets. She’s a woman of many talents; a herbalist, a self-taught artist, and a founder of her very own ‘Art studio 13’ with a BA in Journalism and an MA in English and Comparative Literature. She paints on canvases and furniture and she doesn’t just use paint to create beautiful artwork, she uses cloth and wood too!

Art was her passion since childhood, her untethered exploration of it is what makes her work so eclectic.

“Ever since I was a child, I would spend hours in my playroom just painting quietly. As I got older, it turned into painting on walls, hand-crafted objects dangling from the ceiling, and more!” She explains.

She described her art’s evolution as a “natural progression”.

'Apollo and Artemis 2' Mixed Media Painting by Hend Seif El-Din
‘Apollo and Artemis 2’ Mixed Media Painting by Hend Seif El-Din

“I started with canvases then felt I needed a larger surface, which is when I started painting murals.” She says.

Hand-Carved Chair by Hend Seif El-Din
Hand-Carved Chair by Hend Seif El-Din

With furniture, she would see an old piece and feel the need to give it a makeover, to give it character.  From there, she realized how much she loved integrating different textures and materials, she uses both brushes and knives. Her use of various artistic techniques represents her multi-layered nature and colorful identity.

Hend completed a diploma in expressive painitng. On the significance of art to self-expression she says…

“I wholeheartedly believe that creating pieces of art, the process itself, is incredibly therapeutic. It’s an incredibly healthy, healing, and versatile outlet. Art got me through some of the toughest, most confusing times of my life and I’m incredibly grateful for it.” she said.

Birth Painting by Hend Seif El-Din
‘Birth’, Painting by Hend Seif El-Din

“No matter what the end product looks like, using your hands to express yourself, seeing what you “feel” on canvas (or any other surface) really helps put matters into perspective.” She stated.

We asked her about Art Studio 13 and the unusual name.

Siddhartha Guatama,
Siddhartha Guatama, Mixed Media on Stone by Hend Seif El-Din

“I know most people think the number is unlucky, but for some reason I never have! I’ve always loved it. It was considered lucky by the ancient Norse and Celtic people. It is also strongly linked to femininity and was referenced in ancient Egyptian texts” she responded.

On the significance of social media to her work she said…

“I think that social media definitely saved every artist out there during 2020 and now 2021. Artists need to create and share art. Without online exhibitions and cultural salons, it would’ve been suffocating.”

Along with Art, Hend Seif El-Din was always drawn to the world of Herbalism. She’s a certified herbalist and runs one: three herbal, a platform providing aromatherapy services and soothing products. Check it out here.

Frame, Mixed Media on Leather by Hend Seif El-Din
Frame, Mixed Media on Leather by Hend Seif El-Din

Hend has been working on creating a lot of customized furniture and curating art corners. She’ll be opening Art Studio 13’s doors again soon. Also, she’s prepping for an art exhibition. We can’t wait to see what else this artist has up her sleeve. Follow her  and Art Studio 13 on Instagram to stay updated on the magic.








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