Inside The Artist’s Studio: Farah Emara

Farah Emara is a wonderfully vibrant artist. Though young, she has a unique and colorful artistic identity. Her art is also loud and clear when it comes to smashing the patriarchy. When we first saw it, we knew she had to be part of our Banat El-Ayam Di book. We sit down with her to know all about her artistic journey.

"Express" Drawing
“Express”, Drawing by Farah Emara

Farah graduated from fine arts just in 2020. Although she liked drawing and crafts since the age of 7, she started considering a career in art post-2011. Her sketching became a regular hobby and a medium of self-expression.

On her muse and inspiration she says…                                

“People inspire me! I’m fascinated by how each individual is different and unique and at the same time, we are all the same. The complexity of human beings, their emotions and thoughts, how their brains work, and their connections inspire me. Cultures, differences, and change inspire me.”

Her inspiration shows itself in her work. Human faces are a recurring theme in her art.

Faces by Farah Emara
Digital Illustrations by Farah Emara

“I like how we all have the same features and they occupy the same positions on our faces but, every face is unique on its own. I like how expressive faces are” she says

“A single portrait of a person, with no background info, music, or description can tell you a lot about them and the state they were in when they were painted!”

Farah Emara is a big believer in empowering women. Her art not only empowers her but other women as well.

“Expressing is empowering. Creating work that is real and relatable is empowering. Authenticity and courage are empowering” she explains.

Her artwork titled “Speak Up” was selected in the Wall to Wall Mural Festival and is currently displayed in downtown Winnipeg, Canada.  “Speak Up” was inspired by the recent #MeToo movement.

Speak Up by Farah Emara
“Speak Up” in downtown Winnipeg, Canada

Farah describes it as “a release of frustration & pride.”

“The courage and the unity inspired me. I was angry at the situation.”

In addition, Farah worked with Tadwein Gender Studies on their campaign against early marriage during the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. She made the stories of 20 women who got married at the ages of 14 to 16 into illustrations. She added their handwritten quotes to her artwork.

As a young artist, social media is quite significant to her work.

“It helps artists connect and share their work freely, without waiting for curators’ approval. You easily approach people for advice & feedback. But, at the same time, it can be very harmful for one’s mental health. It’s not always inspiring, it can often make you feel like you’re missing out or like you’re not creating enough” she explains.

Farah Emara is also the co-founder of  “Jidar” 

She established Jidar in 2017.  It provides tailored and functional wall-art services. They aim to amplify brands, translate ideas, and energize physical spaces. They do this by promoting designers and painters and connecting them to job opportunities, acting as their agents.


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Their philosophy is all about making mural art a source of income to painters and bridging the gap between the art community and commercial work.

“I guess I am lucky to have been able to wear two hats, the businesswoman and the artist. Both personas are exposed to different situations and challenges, both require different sets of skills, and both humble me into seeing the world from two perspectives” she says, reflecting on her experience.

“My creativity makes me more empathetic and inventive with my business work, my business work channels my creativity from abstract philosophies into concrete ideas.”

Currently, Farah is going through what she charmingly calls “the post-graduation crisis” of not knowing what career path to take. With her passion and determination though, we’re sure she’ll find her way.

"1094", Collage by Farah Emara
“1094”, Collage by Farah Emara

“I decided that I don’t have to have any answers. I am trying to challenge the perfectionist in me by being open to experimenting with new mediums and things” she says.

Currently, Farah is in Fayoum taking a workshop and preparing for an upcoming exhibition. We can’t wait to see what this young artist has up her sleeve! Follow Farah and Jidar on Instagram to stay up to date on her journey.


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