Inside the Artist’s Studio: Eman Hussein

Photo of Eman Hussein

Eman Hussein is an artist whose work is strong and compelling. Working with collages frequently and proficiently, she brings out images which are extremely rich and vibrant. Her work also tells intriguing stories using the various textures and mediums she incorporates. We sit down with her to talk about her work.

Collage by Eman Hussein

Eman Hussein loves to experiment with different mediums, and this is evident in her work.

“I use texture and layering as part of my collages to give different dimension to what the artwork reads,” Eman continues,

“I chose collage because it definitely expresses my surrounding environment. I live in a really busy city and you have to look for beauty in all of the chaos.”

Creating art is not Eman Hussein’s only calling, though, as she also works as a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

“My favorite thing about teaching is dealing consistently with visions and experimentation. Teaching also means doing a lot of research to keep up with the latest in the art world which I enjoy a lot,” she explains.

This love for art is something which grew with Eman Hussein over the years.

“I have always loved art since I was a kid, my mum would buy me different materials to try and it affected me and my brother who is also an artist as well,” she says.

Collage Artwork by Eman Hussein

This innate talent is one thing, developing it is another story. “I developed my art through collage and various workshops with top artists in the field, and it helped me to merge between my academic and professional practice,” Eman tells.

Speaking of the word practice, we needed to know Eman Hussein’s opinion on whether talent or practice made more of a difference in an artist.

“For me, practice comes first. I have seen it many times through my academic career. Practice and passion can definitely beat talent,” she stresses.


Virtual Reality Artwork by Eman Hussein

The future seems bright and promising for Eman. As she plans on continuing to experiment with her collage artworks and applying them to installations where the viewer is completely immersed into the artwork, as well as applying to more international exhibitions. We are sure this will not be the last time we hear of Eman Hussein.


You can find Eman’s work on her Instagram page @emanhussein_artist

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