Inside Nana’s Closet

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When prêt a porter meets haute couture, when masculine meets feminine and when old meets new, you get to know that Nana’s Closet has something to do with it. The brand that was created by fashion designer Dina Said is all about elegant designs of simple cuts blended with exquisite embellishments and proudly made in Egypt. We met with the aspiring designer to tell us all about her glamorous instinct.


Tell us how did you start out?


I’ve been doing my own designs since I was young. Ever since I graduated from college, Marketing Major at AUC, I have been doing jobs related to fashion and that really helped me start my own line. That taught me how to design, run a production line, mostly how to run a brand in general until I have decided that it is time to start. It was winter and I designed a collection of 20 pieces. Fortunately, they were all sold out.


How do you perceive fashion in Egypt?


I believe fashion in Egypt is really changing. People started to have confidence to do things their own way and to be free in expressing themselves. Years before, you felt that everyone is cloning trends, today it is different, and it is more about individualism.


What obstacles did you face at the beginning?


My main issue at the beginning was selecting a team of craftsmen who were good enough with an ability to use their imagination and think out of the box, having them understand my concept because sometimes I used to make changes in my designs that they couldn’t do it.


How do you predict Fashion for 2012?


I believe that we went through a very hard and tough phase fashion. In a sense of progression, I think we are going back to a feminine phase that is very soft and romantic. We are in need for some peace and serenity. Cuts are going to be flowing, airy with rich textures in a modern structured way.


Who would wear Nana’s Closet?


Nana’s Closet is for a woman who enjoys a great sense of individuality, who is looking for pieces that will outstand the element of time, also unique and special pieces that will never run out of fashion.


Do you have an advice for young emerging fashion designers in the scene?


Stay true to yourselves. Grow thick skin as it is not an easy job, it requires an open mind, open heart, hard work, persistence and confidence.


Up-close and personal:


Your fashion Guru:


My Grandmother, she has always been a great source of inspiration to me. I literally took over all her wardrobe.


Your Favorite Designer:


No one in specific, every season I admire different collections from different designers like Rick Owens, Prada for summer 2011, also I really respect Amina K. as a well established, talented ethnic Egyptian Fashion Designer.


Materials you like to use in your collections:


I love washed silk, it’s very soft with a fuzzy feeling that can be used for both seasons. I also like organza.


Your designs are very unique, what inspires you:


Basically, nothing in specific it can be anything like an architectural design, someone wearing something nice. I just stay open to my surroundings and my environment and always stay true to my vision.



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