Inhabit the Sea at Kai Sokhna!

Kai Sokhna

When deciding where to go on a vacation, most people prefer either luxury or an authentic beach destination. Kai Sokhna offers the perfect combination of luxury and exclusivity with a twist of boho-chic. It is more than just a resort, it’s a complete new experience located in Ain El Sokhna.

Kai Sokhna is the only Boutique Resort with state-of-the-art designs by Alchemy Design Studio, a signature Hilton Hotel & Resort and a beach restaurant & bar by TLT Hospitality.

Kai Sokhna lies on one of the sandiest beaches in Ain el Sokhna. It includes 366 stunning and unique boho-style chalets, designed by Alchemy Design Studio, that overlook the sea as well as many pools including an outdoor infinity pool for you to enjoy.

Kai Sokhna hosts a five-star hotel managed by Hilton which has its own private beach, an outdoor pool, a spa/health club, bars, restaurants, you name it! Kai Sokhna will also offer an outstanding experience by introducing a beach restaurant and bar by TLT Hospitality. You’ll also find all amenities within walking distance (supermarket, clinic, pharmacy, etc.) as the farthest point from the beach is only 100m away!

For the first time in Ain el Sokhna, Kai Sokhna offers you the full Kite Surfing experience, introducing FINS!

“Fins” Kitesurfing Center is the new hotspot in Sokhna, where you can finally practice kitesurfing. Managed by the renowned Kitesurfing family Sherif Soliman and Jennifer Osman, “Fins” is designed based on an entirely new, upscale concept. Fins also offers plenty of fun activities when there’s no wind!

Kai Sokhna welcomes you to your natural habitat.

Kai Sokhna’s unique aesthetic combines both the free, boho-chic beach lifestyle as well as the luxury of a high-end compound. The essence of “Kai” – a word that means “sea” in Hawaiian—is truly translated in an oasis for the ones that want to live by the sea. Kai Sokhna offers a home for an exclusive community of people who yearn for the freedom of the sea and are not willing to compromise the comfort of their lifestyle. It’s a place like no other for a person like no other. The Kai lifestyle is captured frame by frame, each rich in gesture in their latest portrayal.

Source: Misr Italia Properties

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