Infuse This! Infused Water 101

Infused water seems to be all the rage at the moment. And while we do love it, we couldn’t help wonder if it really is the better alternative, turns out it is!

Here’s why: Infused water doesn’t waste the rind of the fruit and so it tastes tangy and strong, while juice occasionally disappoints by tasting watered down.

Calories also play a big role. Using fruit to infuse water would require less than half the amount you would use to make juice. That fruit is packed with natural sugars and calories that you don’t want, for example, a glass of orange juice has about 240 calories while glass of orange infused water has about 31 calories. Crazy, right?

Preparing your beverage and keeping hydrated are also things to consider. Making juice requires you to keep a lot of produce around and it’s a hassle. When infusing water is as easy as ever, requiring a small amount of fruit and would last you the whole day, depending on how you drink, unlike juice which you would finish almost instantly.

The ultimate winning card for infused water this season, though, is the fact that you can freeze it. In this heat, who wouldn’t want infused water ice cubes? You can add them to your regular drinking water for extra flavor. Here are some classic infused water recipes that you can create then freeze for easier access to delicious, healthy water.



Probably the easiest is lemon infused water. All you need is purified water, lemons and ice!

Fill your container with purified water and add 3 lemon slices for every liter and put in the fridge for a few hours.
If you aren’t a fan of bitter drinks, cut the rinds off your lemons.

Lemon is great for weight loss and it’s a liver cleanser, go lemon!


For a 2.5 liter pitcher or thermos you’ll need:
• 2 Bags of organic green tea
• 1 Lemon
• 1 Grape fruit
• 1 Tablespoon of maple syrup

Add one tablespoon of maple syrup to the bottom of your pitcher, after that add your tea bags and ½ cup of water and swirl until mixed.
Next, cut the ends of your grape fruit and cut off the rind, you’ll end up with a bare fruit that you’re going to cut into medium sized cubes.
Cut the rinds of your lemon and try to avoid cutting into the lemon itself. Fill your pitcher with cold water and add your fruit, leave in room temperature for two hours then remove the tea bad and put in the fridge for 6-8 hours.

Fun fact: Grape fruit is your metabolism’s best friend!



For one liter of this wickedly delicious water you’ll need:
• 1 grape fruit
• 1 sprig of rosemary
• 5 fresh mint leaves

Cut the rind of your grape fruit and slice it against the grain for maximum flavor. Fill your container with water and gently place the slices in it along with your rosemary and mint leaves. Let the water infuse in your fridge for up to 24 hours for maximum infusion but it is best if you remove the rosemary after just a few hours.

This combo is great for your vitamin C and detoxifying your liver; it’s practically magic, pun intended.



This one is pretty easy to make since you only need one ingredient, watermelons!

Fill a one liter bottle with cold water and add a few watermelon slices, as much as you like. You’re the boss of this one.
This would infuse quickly. So leave it for about 90 minute in your fridge.
Watermelon is 92% water which means this summer heat won’t get the best of you when it comes to rehydrating yourself on a long day.


For one liter of this summer treat you’ll need:
• 2 springs of organic mint
• 1 mango

Peel the mango and slice it into 6 parts. Fill your bottle with cold water and gently drop the mango along with your mint (about 8 leaves). Leave to infuse in room temperature for about 3 hours or in your fridge for 12 hours, and enjoy!

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