Inertia Ushers in New Progressive Realities with its Latest Campaign

Progress is the only way forward for humanity. And while it is fought by many in favor of dated, antiquated ideals, there are companies out there championing it, pushing for it. We have been following with glee Inertia’s new campaign “New Realities We Build”, which celebrates progress by highlighting three fascinating people, two of whom are strong, inspiring women!

This very progress which Inertia celebrates is mirrored by its own approach, which aims to create human-centric destinations that push the progressive forward.

First, Inertia highlights the inspiring Nagwa Ghorab, who saw retirement not as the end, but as a new opportunity to chase her dreams. Her brave choice to start swimming competitively once more after reaching the age of 60 resulted in her winning many medals. Nagwa, strong woman that she is, did not do this to prove anything to anyone, but rather for herself, to realize her own dreams.

Then comes in Sherif Hosny, a man whose strong belief that climate is an important factor in human life and everything related to nature, resulted in a brilliant project. Sherif’s urban farming approach proves that one does not need acres upon acres of land in order to grow food and profit from it, but something as simple as a rooftop will do. His technically unique model does not affect the infrastructure; it only produces beautiful crops.

And finally, comes the second out of the two power ladies in this list: Farah Awadallah. Farah was only 23 when she put together the very first Egyptian female polo team. The fact that polo is generally regarded as a male-centric sport and even dubbed the “Sport of Kings” did not stop Farah and her team from winning many tournaments. This groundbreaking team formed by Farah, have already won several tournaments.

Seeing this list, inspiring and with a strong female presence, one fully understands the extent of Inertia’s support and passion for progress. It can even be seen in the way Inertia developed since its inception in 2007.

The leading real estate company develops distinctive, valuable and dynamic projects. Renowned for their projects, which cater to this day and age’s cosmopolitan clientele, Inertia’s developments are found in Cairo, on the Mediterranean, and the Red Sea. Inertia’s impeccable properties are not the only thing they provide; they aim to establish close-knit and active communities. In order to achieve that, Inertia only chooses projects which offer valuable homes and a gratifying lifestyle. Whether it be their cutting-edge medical centers such as Medipoint Sheikh Zayed, residential properties like West Hills, G Cribs in El Gouna, Soleya, Brix, Joulz, Veranda in Sahl Hasheesh, and last but not least the mega-project Jefaira in the North Coast, Inertia ensures providing prized developments with immaculate designs, overlooking gorgeous sceneries, and boasting a warm, vibrant, close-knit community. When real estate is not only about the properties, but the community as well, we call that progress.

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